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Last day of school holidays

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Well, we had such a fun day today that I thought I would post about it. Actually to be honest, it didn’t start off fun. Pudding and Grub woke early and Beefcake is tired and grumpy from a bit of overtime he’s been doing so no-one was all that cheery. And well, actually, Beefcake and I were having a bit of a disagreement yesterday that sort of carried over into today so that didn’t really help.

So, there’s this very awesome Sunday farmer’s market nearby that we have been going to (we went for the first time last week) and I wanted to go so we tried to get all showered and dressed. Now, Rhubarb had a rowing try out, for the school he’ll be attending next year, later in the morning so we were sort of pushed for time. This (of course) meant that no, Pudding did not want to get dressed but instead wanted to thrash around on the floor hysterically until “oooh, Daddy’s going to have a shower, I’ll have a shower”. So, fine Pudding has a shower and is just about calm and then it’s time to get out. Another half an hour or so of yelling and tantying and thrashing ensued. Issues that were causing a problem for Pudding were:
– I want to turn off the tap
– I want Daddy to get naked again and then get dressed with me (WTF)
– It’s all your fault Daddy
– I want to go shopping
– I want Daddy to cuddle me* (whilst Daddy was driving the car to Farmer’s Market)

Needless to say we were calm and relaxed when we arrived at said Farmer’s Market and headed around trying to grab what we needed in about 25 minutes. All of this with the undercurrent of grating tension between my lovely Beefcake and I, delightful.

We raced home, I gave Grub a quick feed and then we headed off to rowing. It was cool. Beefcake and I made up and Rhubarb was quite good. I soooo hope he likes it enough to do it next year. I think he’ll be good at it.

After rowing we headed home and had lunch then intended to hang for a while but we realised it was back to school tomorrow for the big kids. We wanted to do something fun for them so we bundled them into the car and headed for a National Park, which is only 15 minutes or so from our house.

It was great. The kids had a fabulous time and it felt so good to get out into the “bush”. We got some gorgeous pics of the kids and we all felt really energised by being surrounded by “nature” – can you tell were really outdoorsy types, hehe.

You see, this was brilliant on our part as we now have exhausted children who were happy to go to bed.

Ahhhhh. Peace.

*Note the slight Daddy obsession at the moment.


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