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I think this must be an awkward age in girls, maybe not awkward, just very, very, girly.

Poss recently hit the magic double digits. We were actually a little bit concerned about her prior to this. She seemed all together too naive. Too interested in all things girly. A bit ditsy??? NOPE. It turns out that when you have a house full of ten-year-old girls it becomes evident that they are all like it. Surely I was not like this at ten??

I’ve been through ten with a boy and sure, he was annoying, smelly, whiny, all of that. Nothing like this though. Rhubarb is a thinker. He’s analytical, he’s a touch too dry and sarcastic, but that’s always been his way. He likes sci-fi and fantasy so he fits right on in with his two nerdy parental figures (here I point out that one is way more nerdy than the other). He’s just reasonably easy to get along with. He’s had his moments over the years but by ten – sorted, fine. He’s mostly a reasonable human being and I get along with him – mostly.

Poss though, gee. She’s very clever and she too has a good sense of humour. (She has a unique and unfortunate lack of empathy but we’re working on that and that’s just her really). It’s the girly stuff that gets me. When you see ten-year-old girls en masse it’s scary. The squeal. They giggle. They talk about oh so silly things. They dress each other in ridiculous outfits. I surely was never like this. Apart from being a touch annoying, oh my god I’m scared.

She’s becoming something. You can see it bubbling just below the surface. I mean, she’s always been a girl. She’s always liked pretty things and been sweet and just thoroughly different from Rhubarb. This is not just that. She’s developing a more adult sense of her femaleness. It’s in a childlike form. But it’s there. She’s growing up. *sniff* I’m scared about where this is going. She’s going to be there very soon. In the scary land of female puberty.

She told me just the other day that one of her school friends got her period. I tried not to react. I told her that was very early. I was secretly panicking. It will be a while before she has to go through that but CRAP. I’m way not ready for this. Despite, as I previously stated, being sure that I was never like this at ten. I do remember what I was like at 12
and 13
and 14.
Kill me now.


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  1. LOL! I’m a little scared about my daughter hitting puberty too…and she’s still only 5! If only my mother hadn’t said, “I hope you have a daughter who’s just like you…” so many times when I was a teenager! It’s funny, because my girlie was the easiest baby ever, and my son, who’s almost 2, has almost killed me, but I’ve heard over and over that boys seem to get easier as they grow, but girls just get harder and harder….I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. I’m scared too. I have a one year old girl and she already acts like a teenager I guess I’m getting a scary glimps into the future

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