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Brain Damage

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Today we were heading to a friends house and we needed to pick a few things up at the supermarket and bring them home before we headed out. We got the car windows tinted yesterday and so the kids car seats were out of the car. Beefcake was crawling in the back to attach Grub’s car seat to the roof when I hear “AAARRRGGGHHH”. He’d banged his head on something (we still haven’t figured out exactly what). His head was bleeding profusely. As scalp wounds do. It was a bit yucky but we fixed him up and did our shopping. I thought he was fine.

We headed over to our friends’ house and had a lovely afternoon eating the triple cream brie that we bought and watching the kids splash about in the paddling pool. It was very, very hot here today. At one point Beefcake and our friend, I’ll call him M, had gone off to do something a bit sus but us wives (S and I) thought nothing of it. I actually assumed they were going off to have a cigarette. Something they both do from tme to time.

Anyway, as we leave, M says something to S and she pisses herself laughing and apologises to me. Ummmm, fine, I assume they are having some sort of in-joke. Whatever. I didn’t think too much of it. Then we arrived home.

I looked in the back of our car. Guess what I saw?

Turns out the boys had decided that Beefcake’s lack of surround sound system (to match his recently purchased tv) was a tragedy. Turns out M had a spare (who has a spare surround sound system, I ask you) that wasn’t really worth putting up for sale.

In the back of my car were two waist-high (ugly as FUCK) speakers, a massive and equally ugly amp and assorted other crap. Clearly Beefcake has sustained some serious brain-damage.

Our lounge-room is not large. They are ugly and ridiculous. He claims he didn’t think I would react badly. Pig’s arse. He knew I would hate them or he wouldn’t have felt the need to hide them from me. Moron. I texted M to tell him what I thought of him. He said he was happy to be able to help out old friends. Arse.

I’m thinking he regrets it now. I was NOT quiet about how I feel about the speakers in my lounge room. The annoying thing is, now that they are here, I look like I’m being unreasonable if I insist he disposes of them. M will not take them back. Does that mean I have to let him win?? God, he’s got some sucking up to do.


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  1. ROFLOL! That’s SOME brain damage all right!Testosterone has a lot to answer for.imho…. wait til he’s at work and sell ’em on eBay. Mwahahahaha

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