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The Australian government is planning to strip me (and all other Australians) of my right to view what I wish on the internet.

They are planning to force all ISP’s to apply filter’s, which will restrict what can be viewed over the internet.

The idea is to protect children from viewing objectionable material over the internet.

The filter will be compulsory, everywhere.

We will have no say in what we choose to view or not view in our homes.

Now, there’s a lot of stuff on the internet that I wouldn’t want my kids viewing. Hell, there’s A LOT of stuff on the internet that I wouldn’t want to view. The things is, at the moment, it’s my choice. I choose what information I accept or ignore or reject.

As for my children, well, my job as a parent is to protect them. That’s why they get supervised when they use the internet. IT’S MY JOB to take care of my kids’ emotional wellbeing. To make sure that they are protected. It’s not my government’s job to use my taxes to babysit them. I CAN HANDLE IT!!!

I can not believe that our government is really trying to pull this puritanical nanny-state crap.

If this goes ahead, you have to wonder how they will define inappropriate material. How will I know what information the government has decided that I should not see?

I’m very angry about this. I think all Australians should be.

It’s a slippery slope people, a slippery slope.

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4 responses

  1. Wow that is awful. Is there anything you can do

  2. Wha?? No way. I mean NO WAY. sheesh. what is this world coming to? That’d be like living in China. You know, under a COMMUNIST regime.Please god no way.

  3. I’m with you. This is seriously unworkable and really quite disturbing.

  4. Every single time I hear about this on the news I just about turn purple yelling at the TV.I am an adult, it’s my perogative to look at whatever I like on the internet. And how are they planning on censoring things anyway? Will it be on a keyword basis? Will I not be able to read some blogs because *someone* has decided there are too many bad words?Gah.I agree, it’s my job to censor what my children see, not theirs.

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