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Toddler Violence: The Legend Continues and more consumerism

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Recently, Pudding has become obsessed with weapons of all kinds…

and fighting…..

and killing.

All of this has been quite a pain in my arse. I have never allowed him to have toy weapons etc in the past. This was also the policy with the older kids. I hate that he likes all this violence stuff. I mean, he really knows how to pick the behaviour, which will elicit the most judgement laden responses from all that we encounter.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter if we fail to provide appropriate weaponry for our 3-year-old. He is happy to create “guns” from a rolled up place mat (one of his fave’s) or a sword from any object, which is remotely similar in shape (rolling pins, toy golf clubs, sticks). He also enjoys fashioning jousting sticks from whatever is handy (think rakes and brooms) and charging at people.

Lately we have been just allowing him to have the odd weapony toy, with the understanding that he can only fight “monsters” (apparently many of these live in our back yard) and robots (little did I know the sheer numbers of “grumpy” robots, which abide in our home).

We suspect that some raucous play with Rhubarb (12) is partly the source of inspiration for his battle obsession but it also seems to come from a special place inside of him called “boy”. He just loves to jump about pretending to “pow pow” or “ching ching” people – yes, sometimes it’s hard not to laugh when he makes those sound effects. I just don’t have the energy to use the banging my head against a brick wall approach of trying to talk him out of it every time he wants to go on a guns/sword rampage. I just reckon he’ll get over it and we just have to ride it out.

So, we were particularly pleased the other day to capture Pudding passing on the legacy, as it were, to Grub. She may be young, but she sure can wield a blade.


In other news, our couches arrived and we love, love, love them. Very pleased. Even though it didn’t all go down as planned, I was being a bit of a whinger. We love them and don’t feel ripped off. Also, our measuring skills appear to be just a touch spazzy. I think it may just be that we were only visualising in two dimensions because OMG. They’re huge. Plans for armchairs have been put on hold. Cue offer of new laptop for me!!! Score!! We went and picked one up today. I love it, but not so much as Beefcake, who, apart from just loving any new gadgets, was very pleased to be allowed to whack a more nerd-friendly operating system on it for me. Sometimes being married to a computer nerd has it’s advantages.


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  1. I think all babies should be trained in swordsmanship

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