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Let them eat cake

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The other day, Rhubarb decided to make a cake after school (packet mix). It was dinner time by the time it was cool and so it remained uneaten and uniced while we made dinner (actually, Beefcake made dinner, I was stuck on the couch feeding Grub – hard life I know!).

Pudding mentioned a coupla times that he would like some cake and was told that, yes, we would have some after dinner.

Dinner time can be a little bit hectic at our house sometimes, which is why we didn’t notice and were shocked to find this:

Hmmmm, it appears that some of the cake is missing. I wonder where it went???

Pudding, in his p.j.’s munching on cake (photo reenactment by Pudding). Ah, I know it was a bit naughty but we had to laugh. He soooooooooo thinks he runs the house. Actually, it was good that we were all able to laugh as a preteen tanty from Rhubarb about his ruined cake would not have been my idea of fun.

Okay, so this is just gratuitous cuteness. The other day when our lounge room was empty as we waited for the new furniture, Pudding pulled his couch into the middle of the room to watch tv and Grub was sat next to him in her little seat. I just love how she put her little hand on is chair as though she’s reassuring herself that he’s there.


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  1. Mmmmm cake… And that is totally something Amy would have done too.Also, every time I try and email you back after you comment, the email bounces! Is there a typo in your email addy?

  2. Ahh that is very cute

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