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I have the most disgusting flarkin’ cold.

That makes two colds and mastitis in the last three weeks.

I had a fever last night and couldn’t understand why Beefcake wasn’t doing what I wanted. Apparently, I was not that rational.

Rhubarb and Poss are home from school on a pupil free day. I’m making them do chores because it’s supposed to be playdate day today and my house is a tip. If I cancel though, it’ll be the second week in a row so I’m trying to pull myself together. Really.

Sitting on the couch and blogging seems much easier than getting myself showered and dressed. I’m such a slack-arse.


Wow, what a great NaBloPoMo contribution. (BTW: does anyone else have trouble saying NaBloPoMo??, I can’t get my head around it.)


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  1. Oh what a yuck day! Hope you feel better (:And YES, NaBlo… is my new pronunciation.

  2. Hope you are on the mend now.Yeah, I called it NahBloMe.And I am not doing it this year. You are welcome.

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