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Stemming the tide of vomit and snot and milk

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Lesson Number One: Do not buy the cheap tissues because you are the queen of budgetary management and the keeping the finances under control. Spend a few extra cents on the tissues that will not rip half your face off with each wipe.

Lesson Number Two:
When holding a cloth near the poor darling four-and-a-half-month-old baby, to catch any vomit triggered by her intense coughing fit, try to hold the cloth a bit more directly in the line of fire. You are running out of snot and/or vomit free clothes.

Lesson Number Three:
When you clearly have blocked ducts in your left boob, be a bit more proactive before you develop full-blown mastitis. Again.

Lesson Number Four:
You are supposed to be the caring, all nurturing mother. Do not expect said nurturing to be reciprocated by other members of small clan. They try their best, but you must accept that they simply do not have the ability to be gracious and caring for more than two hours when you are ill. After that, you’re just being demanding.

End of Lesson.


4 responses

  1. Ohhh blocked ducts. I hate that and cheep tissues.

  2. Oh no, take care of yourself. Seriously. Look after yourself the way you would one of your babies if they were sick. Or at least try to.

  3. Ow. You’re bringing back lots of painful boobie memories! PLEASE get better soon!Sorry about my last post… I pulled it off in order to try to get the photos to fit on the page, but they just don’t. Grrrrrr. It’s back up now.

  4. Ooohhh sorry hon! I hate blocked ducts, and I hate being puked on by children. Hugs! I hope you feel all better soon, platehead! :)

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