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Ceramic Headgear

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Beefcake works from home.

He works odd hours because he works for a company in a waaaaaaaaay different timezone.

Often, especially in the evenings when the kids aren’t annoying us (hehe), we sit in separate rooms of the house (alright, often it’s the same room) and chat to each other through an instant messenger thingy. Cos, you know, he’s working, and I’m in the process of being transformed into ‘Wife of Ubernerd’, the ultimate in nerdy accessories.

So, this messagey thing has emoticons that you can use. They are all reasonably self-explanatory, except for this:

Now, it may have been due the fact that by last night I had been a bit feverish for three days (fever has subsided now, thanks for the nice comments), but last night, when I found this and began sending it to Beefcake (in another room cos I was in bed), I was quite sure that the only explanation for it was “Platehead”.

I thought it was hilarious. I pissed myself for a couple of minutes about this. Then it dawned on me. It’s meant to be a halo. It’s not “Platehead”, it’s “Angel” (shutup).

I like Platehead better.


4 responses

  1. Oh God I needed that laugh! Thank you SO much Ali!!I actually thought it was a plate waiting for some….. BEEFCAKE! Get it??xxx

  2. Ha, I love it!You know what’s funny, he hates the name Beefcake, loathes it, but we can’t agree on anything and it’s my blog so, poor Beefcake. He’ll love that he’s getting jokes that revolve around his much hated pseudonym!

  3. I thought it was a pot.

  4. i’m just glad i’m not the only one that messages my hubby when in the same room (:have a great weekend!

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