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Pageantry – Episode 2

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So, Pageant is a South Australian icon. It’s curious because, it’s nowhere near Christmas and still hundreds of thousands of people are willing to stand in any weather (frequently over 30° C), yesterday it was grey and intermittently spitting, to cheer for a bunch of credit union employees and volunteers dressed in some pretty ordinary costumes. Kids love it though and I think every South Australian has a soft spot for Pageant, we even televise it.

My favorite characters and floats are those that bear no relationship to Christmas, so, er, actually that would be most of them. This year I got a giggle out of the Bollywood float, or maybe I just enjoyed embarassing Rhubarb and Poss by trying to dance with them Bollywood style.

There was a brass band playing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, there were twenty or so middle-aged women dressed as fairies, and parading beside a sparkly purple castle float. There were cavorting clowns and people dangling twirling pieces of sparkling fabric. There was a rapunzel float, upon which people danced to the theme of Grease while brandishing oversized plastic hairdryers. Yep, Pageant really makes sense, all of it.

I have added some photos of some of the choicest floats and spectacles:

This nightmarish fellow is named Boohoo the Jester.

The always Christmasy, cycling clown.

Now, I struggle to see where the sleuthy terrier in the kilt fits in to the whole Christmas theme, any thoughts?

No, pageant is complete without several bagpipe bands, this is actually a little bit unfortunate for me. You see, I have some strange hard-wired emotional reaction to bagpipes, I cry every time I hear them. I can’t help myself. Of course, my family find this hilarious.

A bit of Australiana. This float was accompanied by a bunch of men, each carrying a swag with a sheep’s legs hanging out.

Ahhh, Humphrey. There’s no man in a bear suit we South Aussie’s love better.

Aladdin. This float was actually quite cool, apart from the fact that it was accompanied by music from the Disney movie.

Finally, the float everyone was waiting for. On his way to the “cave” in the nearby David Jones department store.

I have to say though, my favourite element of the Pageant, by far is pictured below:

Yes, that’s right, Christmas Slappers.

Row, upon row of women dressed up as Festive Christmas Slappers. Delightful.

Aah, Adelaide. We can bogan-up any occasion.


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  1. Looks like fun! Although, Boohoo the Jester reminds me of the clown from Poltergeist. SCARY!

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