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Ginger beards and munchies

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Yesterday Pudding was bored so I attempted to be a good mother and take him for a walk. We gathered plenty of “nature” to be creative with, however the walk had the added side effect of throwing the ever dodgy pelvis into completely fresh instability. Now, on top of my aching face, I cannot walk without extreme groin and sacrum pain. To top it off, Grub has awoken this morning with a feeling of extreme growth-spurt munchies. Even if I were able to walk properly I would be stuck on the couch with both boobs out all day as she feeds every 8 minutes.

As I’ve previously mentioned, Beefcake’s personal hygiene has not been the best lately. This includes personal care such as facial hair grooming. He has let it go and has been sporting a rather scruffy ginger beard. It was obviously bothering him as he emerged from the bathroom a few minutes ago having crafted the sideburnsjoinedtohandlebarmoustache /goatee configuration. I ignored it, but, not to be put off, he returned a few buzzy seconds later with just the handlebar moustache. This was again met with a distinct lack of screaming, ranting and foot stamping from me (which is undoubtedly the desired effect) and so for the finale he paraded a lopsided, patchy Hitler mo.

He was mightly discouraged that I refused to tell him off and has now retreated to the shower to consider new tactics for stressing me out as, clearly, I am not having an annoying enough day.

The brilliant part of all this is that, as of today, he is on leave for two weeks. By the end, his boredom will have, no doubt, driven him to new heights of aggravating behaviour.



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  1. Men. MPS is doing Movember, and not satisfied with just doing a normal ol mo (which looks ridiculous) he is trying to craft a handlebar one.And he leave the house like that…

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