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Having to let go a little bit

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Rhubarb refused to go with Poss to their Father’s house this weekend. I couldn’t bring myself to force him.

His father was actually understanding. Beefcake did an excellent job of talking FW and his wife through it. Helping them to understand what Rhubarb is going through. He is able to be level-headed and calm where I want to shout and throttle them both.

Thank goodness for Beefcake.

Tonight, when they dropped Poss off, Rhubarb chatted to his Father and made some arrangements to get together during the week.

All I can do is let it happen and hope that he does nothing to hurt Rhubarb or fuck it up.

If he lets my boy down again, I may just rip his balls off.


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  1. Thank goodness for Beefcake.It may not seem like it, but this is a good step. At least, I believe so.Good luck.

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