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Five signs of failure

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In the interests of keepin it together, I am blogging about things that are light and fluffy today. I just need to not think about other stuff. So………..


I’m not gonna pretend the NaBloPoMo thing is not getting to me. I have no inclination to blog at the moment and thusly, have no ideas, which make for readable blog posts.

Jaywalker of Belgian Waffle wrote a post about the rather bizarre advertising slogans, which get tied to emails coming into gmail. Hold on, did that make sense, probably not, anyway, she offered to provide blog post inspiration to those who were seeking it. Other bloggers were blessed with riotously funny slogans such as:

“Learning how to sculpt babies”


“Replica Jonny Depp handcuffs”

I on the other hand (oh woe is me) received only the retarded :

“Are you making the five big mistakes”

I had thought maybe I could turn this back on google and see what I came up with. It wasn’t a great success. The results returned by googling the above phrase were all dull enough to make me want to, ummm, not read them.

So, I decided I would come up with my own five big mistakes and then I can try and figure out if I am, indeed, making them.

Big Mistake Number One
Trying to find an easy way out of thinking up something to blog about.

Er, yes, I appear to be making that mistake.

Big Mistake Number Two
Assuming you are creative enough to write an entertaining blog post out of a snappy slogan emailed to you by a someone you “met” on the internet.

Yep. Good, 2 for 2 so far.

Big Mistake Number Three
Not being able to tie your blog posts together coherently.


Big Mistake Number Four
Persisting with poorly held together, tediously written blog post because having to think up something else is too hard.

Right, it’s not really looking good for me. If one’s efforts are to be judged on the basis of beating “the big five” then I am a gigantic fuck-up.

Big Mistake Number Five
Attempting to blog whilst fending off attacks from psychotic three-year-old and holding a five-month old asleep in your arms.

Well, based on this, I think that it’s safe to say that I AM making the five big mistakes. I am doomed to some awful fate, only the great Google knows what that may be. It most assuredly can’t be good.


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  1. NaBloMe is a whore. Poor baby.oh – and the great thing Hubs did was agree to pay for the cosmetic part of the surgery on my veins. Without discussion. I told him what the doctor said and he just replied, “Right. So we’ll just find the money.” I shouldn’t have gotten myself so worked up, but I’m a drama queen that way…

  2. Yeah, I’m not participating in the whole NaBloMe thing, but lemme tell you, you guys that are are KILLIN me! I think I’m pretty close to being a speed reader by now!

  3. Anita the Immigrant Mom

    I am also not participating in the NaBloMe thing but love how you guys are writing some fun stuff (sorry :) Over soon right?

  4. Mistake number five I can identify

  5. I’m just glad everyone is finally calling it nablowme.Also, IT’S ALMOST OVER!!!!!! Aaaaand, I’m on vacation next week and that should prove for some lamely interesting nablowme fodder.Also, even your failure posts are wicked.

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