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Aligning my heart with my groin so I can walk in the forest

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I’m trying to pull myself out of the exhaustion and apathy I am currently experiencing. My Pa is still hanging on. All of my aunts and uncles (and Mum) are taking it in shifts to sit by his bedside. He slipped into a coma early yesterday morning and his body just seems to be gradually winding down. I guess for some this may be an inappropriate subject for blog posts but it helps me tremendously to write it down, to acknowledge it. I haven’t had a lot of time to do that.


There was just a “special” on tv called “You can heal your life”. As far as I can tell it involves inviting angels in to help you evolve so that you can have acceptance vibrations, which are the same as love vibrations and then you’ll be walking through a forest and all of a sudden feel like letting your hair down from that restrictive bun because the theory of floating was not developed by thinking about sinking. Also you have to create your own heaven on earth because nobody wants to listen to someone who is poor. There may have been something about aligning your groin chakras with your heart. I’m pretty sure that’s what they said. Maybe I missed a few bits but I think I got the general gist. SO, I’m gonna give that a burl when I finish this.

I’m thinking it’d be good if I could implement this by the end of the day because I’m really knackered and Grub crapped on me at the supermarket and it keeps raining every time I try to put washing out and then the sun comes out when I come back in and it’s annoying. Also, Beefcake keeps flicking the tv between cricket, car racing and some special on The Pussycat Dolls so I’m pretty sure my life needs some healing.

Beefcake just read this over my shoulder and wanted me to clarify that he’s not actually watching the Pussy Cat Dolls, so now you all know.

Off to go chat to my angels (or I might clean the bathroom, either way).


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  1. I can’t watch tv with Hubs at all…he always waits just until I’ve gotten interested in something and then changes the channel…and the constant flickering gives me a headache.I’m sorry about your Pa. We went through that with Hubs grandfather when the Princess was about 8 months old. His mom was sitting there day and night by herself though. I brought the Princess to say goodbye, and all the nurses were tut-tutting me to get my baby out of the hospital (Toronto was one of the cities hard hit by SARS, and this wasn’t long after). I’m glad I went though, Grandpa hadn’t even tried to speak in 2 days, but when he saw Regan he reached out a hand to her, and smiled, and tried to say her name. They were born 100 years apart, (not to the day), and he loved her, and it was the last thing he ever tried to say.SORRY! Jeesh, who is this supposed to be about, anyway?! I’ll be thinking about you and your family, so if you think one of those angels is hugging you, it might just be me.

  2. Honey, see if you can talk your angels into cleaning your bathroom. And when they’re done, see if they’ll talk to my angels about cleaning my basement.

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