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You would be too if you were contending every day with this smile…….

(and yes, she is taking a bath in the kitchen sink)

And, come on, these little puppies are to die for. Mmmmmmmmm, baby feet.

She actually has the most divinely rolled cankles but it’s hard to get the full effect here.


3 responses

  1. I can almost smell that freshly bathed baby smell, while reading this post. Shut up, biological clock, I don’t want to hear it.Such darling cuddly goodness you have there.

  2. OH, those days go by tooooo quickly!! Mine is 7 months old and I feel like she was just born yesterday! I am clinging desperately to these days!I totally want to munch on those baby toes!!

  3. She’s totally yummy! The boy’s face is changing daily, and I’m trying to drink in every last moment of his babyhood, because he is fast turning the corner to little boy….

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