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Nice to know you're loved

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Daddy says, “Kiss Mummy goodnight.”

Mummy says, “Come here for a cuddle”,
“whisper to me ‘Mummy’s my favorite'” (a little joke we have going).

“Daddy’s my favorite.” Hysterical laughter as I pretend to be racked with sobs.

We all laugh a little bit.

Toddler says, “Now that’s entertainment!”


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  1. That is entertainment! I love those silly moments with my kids. Bad’s latest is this: I ask for a kiss, and he says NO! and then proceeds to kiss his own arm and laugh while I pretend to cry (and try not to laugh), it always ends with his arms around my neck and my face covered in sloppy little boy kisses. I love it.

  2. This is a beautiful example of those parenting moments that make all of the grunge worthwhile.Thank you for giving us this joy in the middle of your sadness.xxxx

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