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At times like these, it’s great when you have posts waiting in the wings. Bloody NaBloPoMo.


Fe tagged me for a meme a wee while ago. I fully intended to do it but then my computer broke and blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I was required to look in my photos, at the sixth folder, then find the sixth photo. It involved a few more sixths than that, due to some “organisation” Beefcake style, before I was able to actually reach a photo but here it is.

It’s the Lloyds building in London. Taken on my birthday last year when my darling husband thought to indulge my love of all things architecturally interesting by taking me on a boozy tour of fabulous London buildings (sans children!). Heaven!

I was supposed to do the same with an online photo thingy and would have if I used such a thing. Being married to a paranoid nerdy type is an odd, odd life sometimes. We have our own nerdy family photo website which he is “changing” at the moment so, there ya go.

I’m not passing it on, for various reasons, but anyone who cares to is welcome to do the memey thing.

I don’t think I’m very good at memes.


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  1. IM terrible at meme’s I awlay mean to do them but somehow I never get it together

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