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It’s been a full on couple of days.

We’ve been busy and it’s been draining.

One of the hard things about a time like this is trying to keep life as normal as possible for the children. As hard as you try, they’re always going to pick up on all the stress and the break from routine can mean they end up cranky and overtired.

They’ve all been doing quite well though and we were reminded today of just how amazingly adaptable babies can be sometimes. Today after another full day of being out and attending family functions, Grub was sitting on the couch with Beefcake, an hour past her bedtime, when she started babbling.

This is a new thing for her. The proper reduplicated babbling. Her sound of choice is “Bababababababababa”. She stayed up for another half an hour babababaing at everyone before succumbing to sleep in my arms.

Beefcake and I were thrilled in a nerdy sort of way. She’s growing up *sniff*.

It doesn’t take much to get us excited.


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