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Oh yeah, I rock.

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Oh my god!

I did it!

I sooooooo rock.

I can’t believe I didn’t miss a day.

Did I learn anything?

Maybe that blogging under pressure is hard. I’m actually pleased that it is over so that I can just post when I feel like it. That may well be every day but if I have nothing to say then I’m glad I won’t have to force it.

On the up side, having to blog every day has meant that I have pushed through the crapulence and apathy to post at times (and about subjects) that were uncomfortable for me. That actually proved beneficial and I won’t forget that. Maybe sometimes, even if my instinct is to hide away from the world and not do the things that are challenging, what I really need is to put myself out there a little bit. Maybe sometimes throwing my shit out there for the universe to catch is what I need.

So, yay! Congratulations to me and all the others who made it through the grim month of NaBloPoMo.

Everyone who did it is HARD.

HARDCORE fabulous (and deserving of a rest).


4 responses

  1. Yeah! Congratulations! Me too! Now, let’s crawl back into our respective caves and just post about the easy stuff.Kidding.xox

  2. Congratulations! You are truly hardcore! And pushing “through the crapulence” is almost always good, I think.

  3. Yaay!! \o/Congratulations!! You did an awesome job.

  4. Congrats. Now rest your weary hand

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