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Bad, bad, bad

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I awoke this morning to the sound of Poss whimpering and making various loud clattering noises as she moved about the hallway. As I never really sleep, but drift in and out of a state of semi conciousness, I heard this and called out to her, registering her response as a sore throat I told her to get a drink (oh no) and I drifted back into my state of semiconcious sleepiness.

At 8am I was once again roused (Beefcake was up and packing lunches etc by then – shutup I’m tired) to the sound of someone loudly vomiting in what I hoped was the bathroom. Ah. Not sore throat. Sore tummy. Fabulous.

I’m not very good with bodily fluids. I mean, I will deal with that stuff in babies and for others if I HAVE TO but if Beefcake is around, or likely to be around within a reasonable time frame, then I ain’t touching it.

I did what would make me feel better and obsessively disinfected the bathroom. I then developed a paranoia that Poss was actually suffering from potential appendicitis. I do have some basis for this, I suffered a ruptured appendix at much the same age, after being repeatedly misdiagnosed with gastro for months and months. I made Beefcake take her to the doctor (not cos I’m crap, although I am, but cos I’m needed by Grub), who he assures me examined her thoroughly. She just has gastro.

I had to cancel our playdate today as I was worried we may all start vomiting at any moment. My friend must think I am trying to avoid her as I haven’t made it to a playdate for three weeks. Now Pudding has developed a seriously runny nose and keeps insisting that there is something up his nose that he can’t get out. There is, it’s snot.

I started to write this at 11am but have only now had a chance to return to it. It’s 10:30pm. In the intervening hours, in an attempt keep Pudding from driving me insane I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Pudding thoroughly enjoyed it but I must be insane because the mess he made made me want to cry. The cookies are fabulous but I’ve eaten way to many and can feel my thighs laying down new layers of blubber as a result.

Here’s hoping tomorrow less annoying.


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  1. Have a better day tomorrow. :)

  2. peanut butter chocolate chip? wow, my family would love me if i made those. nah, can’t have that.

  3. Oh! Poor Poss! And poor you! I woke up with the stomach flu this morning too, better me than them though, and even though Hubs was still home, I ended up taking the Princess to school myself anyway. I dropped Bad off at the babysitter’s, and she was making pancakes – it was all I could do not to heave in her foyer. I hope you all feel better in the morning.

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