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Beefcake and I have been together for eight years, married for five on Saturday. We usually don’t bother too much with gifts because, as he whiningly told me last night “Ugh, I haaaate buying preseeeents”. He’s just not that great with it.

Over the years he has had some successes. Sometimes I’ve even been surprised on a birthday/anniversary/Christmas with something spectacular. Usually not. We usually just try to put the kids to bed early and have a meal together. That didn’t work so well last year, as Pudding joined us for dinner and we gave up and all went to bed in the end. How romantic.

This year though I feel I deserve an anniversary present and here’s why:

  • I haven’t had one in three years
  • I carried and birthed the fruit of his loins earlier this year and am jealous of one of my mates who, after giving birth a month after me, recieved a diamond necklace from her husband. Where’s mine?
  • During a phone conversation with his mother the other day (aka Mother-In-Law from Hell – MILFH) he cheerfully planned for us to attend a lunch at their house ON OUR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY then fobbed it off as though I must be confused because it will surely be the most fabulous anniversary entertainment ever.
  • I am a long suffering wife now. Five years of marriage = long suffering.
  • We can almost never afford for me to have a decent gift on any occasion. This year I figure we can.

So darling, just in case you read this and are wondering if I am serious* about getting a present. I am and, although I am usually all about providing gift inspiration if I am in the market for something, this time I’ve decided that I’m all about the romantic gesture. Better put your thinking cap on, honey.

In the most loving way possible. Cough up.

*Also, I was serious when, in the supermarket today, I corrected your misguided idea that a new cutlery set may be a suitably romantic gesture. No babe.


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  1. I think that your Hubs and mine may have been separated at birth….though the few times that Mark has gotten the gift thing right, he’s gotten it REALLY right. Mostly though I’m waiting for the kids to be old enough to remind him (you know, borrow his credit card and go get me a gift themselves. Lucky for me, the Princess already has fantastic and expensive taste.) I hope that Beefcake comes through for you. And I hope that there is something under the tree for both of us this year. I want something from here: my kids names on it. Happy Anniversary! And thanks for the award! I’ll get around to posting it up soon. :)

  2. Happy Anniversary.Make a list, and don’t be shy about it. Or, write a letter to Santa with your favourite things, scents, colours, flavours, etc. You deserve a great gift.

  3. Happy Anniversary. I’ve always been jealous of friends who go “push presents” from their men too. (I know we’ve never been able to afford one, but I’m still jealous)

  4. Happy Anniversary! I’m dying to know if you got something…

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