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You age like a fine wine (I know, it's a really smooth line)

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I’m sitting here in this quiet moment (actually holding a sleeping Grub) sipping a glass of wine that was bottled at the winery where we were married, in that same year, 2003.

It was five years ago today that we stood up in front of all of those people and said those words. You know the ones.

I often think about that poem that I gave to you, in the first year that we were together. That poem you have kept folded, in your wallet, all of these years.

I know I am lucky. So lucky. To have what we have together. I don’t think too many people have that. I didn’t know it existed until you came along.

Happy anniversary my darling.

It gets better every year.

P.S. Wow! The wine is awesome!


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  1. Happy Anniversary!! I’m glad you’re enjoying your wine, and that you are happy to celebrate your wedding anniversary.Here’s to many more!! *clink*

  2. awww.Happy Anniversary.

  3. You have been awarded on tinsenpup. Please, please don’t feel you have to do anything with this. It is just an opportunity to let you know that I appreciate your blog.

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