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Moody (almost) teenagers and clumsy mishaps

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It was the kid’s Christmas celebration at school yesterday evening. I dragged my headachey self along and tried to hide from the bright, bright sun using only my sunglasses. It was not that successful. It was worth attending, however, as the festivities included singing from Poss and the presentation of a pen and ‘graduation’ certificate to Rhubarb.

He is a bit “whatever” about this graduation from primary school (as he’s been through it all before in the UK) but I think he’ll be pleased that he’s taken part in all the fun by the end of the week. Tomorrow the graduating year 7’s head to a water fun park for the day, on Thursday they have a dinner and disco and on Friday the traditional ‘muck-up’ activities. Then it’s all over.

He’s such a moody little thing at the moment that I’m not sure I’m ready to embrace the high-school version of Rhubarb (pity I have no choice). I’ll take comfort in the fact that he is still willing to give his Mum a cuddle and tell me he loves me (when he’s in the mood, and I’m not being too annoying).

Here he is accepting his certificate.

I also just have to share this as it’s so OMFGworthy. On the weekend, an ergo-stool collapsed on my forearm. It really didn’t hurt that much but there was a suspicious swelling of a vein straight after it happened. Anyhoo, it has blossomed into this gorgeous (and very impressive) bruise. I bruise easily but this is just ridiculous.

Second shot just for some perspective on the size of it relative to my arm. Not small!


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  1. Holy Crap woman!! That is one hell of a bruise.Also, it freaks me out that you are having Christmas in the summer.

  2. Ow Ow Ow Ow!!!!! Are you taking arnica for the bruise?I’m with you on the year 7 thing. Toto is changing before my eyes, and although he still kisses and cuddles me (especially at bed time) he would rather DIE than do it in front of anyone else. And he’s all bony now. No soft cuddly bits left. Boo hoo.I spent a couple of hours today with a 4 week old baby… really made me miss mine when they were little.

  3. I know, it’s full-on but it actually looks much worse than it is. Hardly hurts at all. Fe – I know, it’s such a stark contrast between my little ones and my older kids.I can hardly believe they were once so little. Rhubarb is all bones and angles too.

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