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Wow, you're old!

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On this blessed December day, many, many long years ago (just kidding honey) MILFH (Mother-in-Law-from-hell) gave birth to a bonnie ginga babe.

Thank goodness she did.

Happy Birthday Beefcake!!!!!

(and yes, this post is partly about the fact that I plan to steal all of your birthday chocolates …. share, I mean share)


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  1. Happy Birthday Beefcake!!!!! And here’s to many more *cink*!(oh, and hide those choccies NOW)

  2. ummm, that was meant to read *cLink*! And no, sadly, I’m not inebriated. Just tired. xox

  3. Happy Birthday Beefcake! I hope Ali leaves you at least one of your birthday chocolates…

  4. oh – and I found this: anyone interested.

  5. Yay Badness!That’s a cool site. Thanks for that.

  6. Happy Birthday!!! (pass a few of those chocolates this way, would ya?)

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