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Look at my crap

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Hot on the heels of Super Happy Blog Fodder Monday, I have more fabulously gripping content.

Fe tagged me for a take a photo of your handbag meme. It may be sad but I’ve actually loved  looking at other people’s versions of this post. Handbag voyeurism, baby.

Bag contents

This actually cheating for me as I have recently cleaned out and changed bags. It is usually far more disgusting.

Contents include:

  • 1 disposable nappy and empty wipes packet
  • Receipts and useless scraps of paper
  • A lip gloss thingy
  • My gorgeous, much-loved Mimco wallet
  • Assorted children’s hats, to suit various weather conditions
  • Two bent straws
  • 2 pens and 2 Ikea pencils
  • My lipstick purse
  • A strip of black opaque tights, made into a hair tie
  • My diary and four hair ties
  • A powder compact from the dark ages that I never use but think I might, so leave in my bag
  • A pair of Grub’s socks
  • My keys – on Mme Tussauds photo keyring
  • Smints and Splenda tablets

I’m not passing it on to anyone specific, but if anyone does it let me know, cos, you know, I like to look.


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  1. I would do it if I could find a suitable handbag. But I tend to use about 3 or 4 different ones (all equally crap – I’m not fashionable) and they all have collective shit in them. Yesterday I found a Babybel cheese in one. No idea how long that has been there. I’m too scared to go through them all in case I find more mould.

  2. mine has a mangled biscuit in the bottom which is sticking to my very expensive lip gloss. I also have a dusty chocolate button, an empty milk bottle which has leaked a bit and the mangled clasp of my bag which I am hoping will miraculously repair itself soon if I leave it down there long enough.

  3. You acatually have a very neat purse. Good for you

    Suzie’s last blog post… Hi Im Cindy

  4. Trust me. You do NOT want to see what’s in my bag. I don’t even want to see what’s in there!

    badness jones’s last blog post… Random sleepy thoughts…

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