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Masters of the Colosseum

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In the kitchen a few minutes ago I mentioned to Beefcake that I would like to go and blog. Just letting him know he’s in charge of the troops while I’m otherwise occupied. He turned to me and with quite the shocked expression said “Oh my god, you actually made it. You haven’t blogged since before Christmas!”

I have to admit I’m mightily pleased with myself. I was quite sure I would have to blog at some point before now. I have been suppressing some internet urges, but I have been mainly withdrawal-free. We have been enjoying lots of yummy food and time with friends and family, which have distracted me somewhat, however I must be honest and say that it is in no small part due to the obscene amounts of chocolate I have inhaled over the past week or so. I have been laying down new layers of thigh blubber whilst undertaking my yearly adventure into “Puzzlin season”.

You see, I very much enjoy a good jigsaw puzzle. The problem is they are not practical at all, especially not with small children around. Tiny pieces of colourful cardboard are just too enticing to toddlers. Pieces become spread throughout the house and stashed in all sorts of special hidey holes, along with precious sticks and broken crackers. Also, I never seem to be able to find a clear surface big enough to hold a puzzle without some special occasion to dictate a clean-up.

Growing up, we always did puzzles at Christmas and as my older children have grown to enjoy the more complicated puzzles we have started doing them together. We puzzle together but, due to aforementioned practical difficulties, limit this activity to the prescribed “Puzzlin’ Season”, which falls between Christmas and New Year.

During Puzzlin Season we puzzle hard. Our fingers are blistered, our eyes bleed, we puzzle day and night (except for Beefcake, who is crap at puzzles and has the attention span of a gnat). Yesterday we finally finished a four-day puzzling epic. It was a 1000 piece Colosseum at night. Rhubarb chose it. I didn’t think too much of it but it as all in shades of yellow, orange and brown and instead of being quick and fun, it nearly killed us.


I took this yesterday (yes it is upside down) when I was about to abandon it and start a new one. I’m pleased to report that we soldiered on and mastered that mother. It wasn’t easy and as a mark of how crapped off we were with it I didn’t even bother to take a photo of it completed before we smashed it to pieces.

Now even though Puzzlin’ Season is over, we have started a 500 piece Basilica San Marco so as to finish the season on a high. It’s cheating but, oh well.

I do hope everyone else has been having as much fun, doing whatever it is you do, as we have been with our puzzles  (and chocolate).

P.S. I just checked my reader and there are over 500 items in it. Oh fuck!

P.P.S. Happy New Year!


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  1. We always did a big puzzle like that over Christmas when I was a kid. My kids are still too small (Bad would not only take and hide the pieces, but knock them all off the table and use his hockey stick to distribute them evenly all over the house.

    Glad you’re back from blogger vacay. Happy New Year!

    badness jones’s last blog post… Endings

  2. HAppy new year! I’ve given up on puzzles while we have small people in the house. NOthing worse than almost completing the Colloseum only to have a critical piece missing at the end. We just ate around here. No calories burned off trying to find missing puzzle pieces.

    Homeofficemum’s last blog post… Shit shit shit shitty shit shit

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