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Now a teenager

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On this day 13 years ago you came into the world, my baby boy.

I laboured long and hard to bring you into the world.

I was eighteen years old.

I looked into your face when you were placed onto my body, after your not so gentle entrance into the world, and I wasn’t afraid. You were beautiful.


We have grown up together, in a way. I would not be who I am, if you had not come in to my life, just at that time and made me a mother, turning me aside from other paths.

You are awesome and you’re actually turning out to be a lot like me, which is both scary and cool.

I look at you today, heading so quickly towards being a real, live, adult man and I am proud…..


….and very glad that you can still muck around and have a laugh  with your Mum.

Happy Birthday darling boy, you are beautiful.




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  1. Happy Birthday Rhubarb! And I thought it was hard watching my baby boy turn 2! I hope that the teen years are kind. To both of you!

    badness jones’s last blog post… Kick me when I’m down – the Happy New Year’s edition

  2. Oh! Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! What a cutie– then and now. Children are lovely things, aren’t they? Such perfect little humans that make such an amazing impact on the world (and people) around them. I’m so happy for you. :)

    Victoria’s last blog post… A Few Nothings

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