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Sometimes you can't think of a title but don't want to leave it blank

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So, I am on day three of lying around doing nothing. My muscle spasms are improving but it seems my back can’t take the strain of me sitting up for any length of time. My neck seems unprepared to handle the weight of my head, as though it’s a unexpected new burden I have sprung on it, without warning. I do have an unrelated neck problem (because my body was apparently cobbled together from dodgy spare parts), which appears to now be in cahoots with the rest of my back muscles, trying  to cause me to retain as little function as possible. It’s actually pretty amazing that my pelvis could cause this cascade of ever worsening muscular problems. I feel and walk like I am 105.

Have I mentioned that my physio would have liked me to use a walker??  Nice. She conceded, eventually, that it may be a touch impractical for a woman with  a baby and toddler, and suggested a walking stick instead. This was a few months ago during a previous, much less severe, episode. I can’t bring myself to do it. I’ve tried but it helps very little.

Also, this particular physio is convinced that my breastfeeding Grub is perpetuating the problem because of the presence of some relaxin in your system whilst breastfeeding.  My previous physio assured me it was not. I can’t really handle the stupid physio’s anti-breastfeeding agenda and so stopped going to her. She was refusing to help me with exercises at any rate because “you won’t get better until you stop feeding” and I was paying large amounts to walk back and forth in the hydro pool three times a week and have her put some heat packs on me. It was ridiculous. When I told her that my problems had continued after Pudding was weaned she loaned me a book explaining that I was just imagining I was having pain because I’d been in pain for so long I no longer knew how not to be. Or something. There was probably some merit to it but when you’ve recently had a baby and your pelvis has all the stability and strength of a wet tissue, it’s not really that constructive. I am looking into a new physio but the  neverending parade of retarded health professionals, that I have seen thus far, does not motivate me to try again.

Beefcake is being superhousehusband. He’s awesome,  it’s just the little things that get missed. Like last night when I hobbled out to get a drink, while the family was eating dinner, to discover that the children were eating off of tin camping plates and Beefcake was eating out of a salad bowl. Actually, Rhubarb was quite annoyed because he got to use a normal bowl. I am just focusing on being grateful that everyone has been fed and is relatively clean.

My swelling is much less pronounced this morning. Instead of a flesh bustle, it looks as though I have a small second arse located above the first,  so that must be a good sign. I think I will be up and about tomorrow. Which is good because I actually think I have reached some sort of limit with my love of the internet. As much as I might bemoan the amount of time I can usually find to read blogs and blog for myself, it appears that 16+ hours a day is too much. Who knew.


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  1. Thanks for delurking at my blog! Nice to meet you.

    Sounds like your pain is bad. You’re not in Melbourne are you? If you were, I could give you the name of a great physio/pilates place I go, where they’d never give you a hard time about b’feeding etc…

    Fairlie’s last blog post… Melbourne. So good, it’s wicked.

  2. “…I actually think I have reached some sort of limit with my love of the internet.”

    Surely the pain has clouded your judgment. If a little bit of a good thing is good, doesn’t it follow that too much of a good thing is better?

    Love the title, BTW.

    tinsenpup’s last blog post… PROMPTuesday #37 – My Book Report

  3. Ahhh that makes me so mad!!! That therapist is just terrible. Everyone connected everything with nursing while I was doing it. Its strange and sick. What is wrong with those people

    Suzie’s last blog post… Im On A Diet

  4. And that is why I drive almost an hour each way to see our family doctor…because when you find a good health professional, you don’t let them go. Here’s hoping that that your anti-nursing therapist will spontaneously combust, and that you’ll find a lovely and reasonable replacement for her soon.

    Feel better!


    badness jones’s last blog post… Silver Linings

  5. Good heavens, girl! I had to go back and read your previous post because I didn’t realize you had all this going on until just now! Oh, I’m so sorry! Pregnancy is so much harder on our bodies than we think it will be. Some women just seem to sail right through it but it was rough for me as well. In fact, I might be the only person alive who managed to injure themselves – while BREASTFEEDING- so badly that I required surgery – twice. Yep. It happened. So I really do feel for you. I hope you feel better soon!

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… Swimming With the Fishes

  6. What you need my dear is several skateboards tied together to make a kind of multi directional raft. You can lie on it and zoom about, using your walking stick both as a steering aid and to prod the children with. Would you like me to make you such a device?

    Oh, and I’ll throw in a small handgun to shoot the stupid physio with because I’m nice like that.

  7. Not sure that you will ever read this,(do you check new comments on archived posts?), but I can’t believe a physio would tell you that you’re imagining pain just because you’ve been in pain for so long. I’ve had back/neck pain for yearsand when I occasionally have a pain free day (yay, love them) I actually do feel NO pain. I don’t imagine that I’m still in pain because I’ve forgotten how not to be. That’s just ridiculous!

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