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A Battle of Words

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Wow, I took a couple of days off from the internet. Really off. I mean not opening my computer at all. I know, you’re impressed.

It caused two things two happen:

1. I forgot my friends birthday yesterday because, without my computer to anchor me to reality, I was floating about the world with nary a sense of date or time. That is crap because I never forget my friends birthdays. I groveled but I’m not sure that it worked.

2. I realised that I have not read a book since Grub was born. I have read a magazine, I have read *ahem* a few blog posts, I have managed to read the blurbs of several books, whilst shopping for the Christmas presents of others but no whole books.

Now, problem one was a once off. It’s regrettable but she’ll get over it because who could stay mad at me? Problem number 2, however, requires serious remedial action to be taken.

Ordinarily I read a lot. I guess lately I have just taken my new found internet obsession a little bit too far.

This was never more apparent than today, when, during a quick visit to Borders so that Rhubarb could spend a voucher he got for Christmas, I lost the plot.

I started picking up books in the SciFi/Fantasy section and fondling them wistfully. Beefcake thought my behaviour was quite bizarre. The heady aroma of new book was too much for me and I was nearly completely overcome. I found myself holding things up for Beefcake and exclaiming over the beautiful binding or cover.  I usually enjoy a good visit to Borders as much as the next person but today’s visit took it to a whole new level. I had to remove myself  as I knew that any selection I made today may have been based purely on a pretty title font as opposed to any real desire to read the book’s contents. I also have four or five unread novels at home that are on my ‘to read’ list, so in an act of incredible restraint on my part, I left empty handed.

So, in light of my little “episode” I have decided to allow myself some designated reading time each day. Having days without even opening my computer doesn’t work for me either so I am going to try to strike a balance between my current level of internet time and none at all. I am determined to win back some time from my internet obsession. To win back some time for words written on paper, words that smell of new book and can be held in my hands.

Wish me luck.


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  1. I have an on again/off again affair with the internet. I ignored my blog all summer, and then when the weather turned cool…

    Balance is a good thing. Good luck!

    badness jones’s last blog post… Livid

  2. Books are why I have bags under my eyes. When I get tired I go up to bed. But I don’t go to sleep. I read. And read. And read. And then before you know it, it’s midnight and I have about 5 hours to go before the kids wake up. Sigh.

    Homeofficemum’s last blog post… 6 days in. How’s your year shaping up?

  3. Iam so hooked on reading. If Im not reading some junk book at all times I go nuts.

    Suzie’s last blog post… I Dont Feel Well

  4. Good luck!

    I try to read a night. Reading (fiction) always makes me feel more balanced.

    Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah’s last blog post… Do You Know What Day it Is?

  5. Oh yeah, I have to have something to read at all times. I can’t fall asleep without reading something! Good luck getting back on track!

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… Paper Family

  6. only four or five not read. Come to my house. I’ve got thousands (no joke) on my to read list. I am as obsessed by books as I am by the internet, which is why the children look like grizzly adams…

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