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Organisation does not run in the family

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The hilarity continued late into the night last night. It took Beefcake and I several hours to find the bolts that were needed to put the cot together. In the end, they were somewhere we had already looked. We were a bit confused. It took us until around 3 am to finish putting it together. We are both night owls but lately we seem to be egging each other on to stay up later and later. Not a good idea when you have young children and there is no chance of sleeping in.

Also, Poss insisted that she was far too hot and couldn’t possibly sleep in her bed. To be fair she has a loft bed and being that much closer to the ceiling does mean it’s a lot hotter for her, so Beefcake moved her mattress. When I went in to talk to her this morning we had a chat about the fact that she no longer seems to play with any of the large array of girly toys (think Barbie horsedrawn carriage etc) cluttering up her bedroom. All of the things she does use have nowhere to go and lurk around the room in small piles. We agreed it was time for a cleanout.

I was quite surprised by her enthusiasm, actually. She usually likes to hoard every scrap of fluff she has ever found. She once (recently) brought home a knitted doll she found on the street and squirrelled it away in her bedroom until I stumbled across it. It was then that Rhubarb confessed he had been sworn to secrecy regarding the doll as it had initially smelled quite strongly of wee and she had secretly washed it in the bathroom basin to remove the smell. We didn’t keep it.

So, Beefcake and I took Pudding to swimming, leaving Rhubarb and Poss to their chores. When we arrived home, we were greeted by a bedroom kneedeep in toys and Poss’ excited yabbering about a new craft project. It seems that she read  about how to turn an old, torn box (when repaired with copious amounts of sticky tape) into the perfect dolls house. But no! A doll’s house would be far too cheerful. Poss has decided to create a cardboard box orphanage and could I please purchase some wooden pegs so that she may create bedraggled peg orphans to inhabit the place. You see, she has all of this extra space now!

I should have known that a clutter-free bedroom was unattainable. She has always formed particularly strong attachments to her clutter. She still sleeps with her very worn and rapidly disintegrating teddy from infancy. He recently came apart to such a point that there is actually no fabric left to sew him up. I can’t mend him. We tried suggesting a dolls hospital, where he could receive a new skin, thinking this would ease her pain. She became so hysterical, at the thought that we suffered three nights of inconsolable crying and nightmares about Jiffy having new skin. He now wears a newborn suit of Grub’s in order to keep his stuffing in. I’m afraid of what will happen if he becomes completely dismembered.

Think of me then as I trudge off to try and restore some order to the room of a burgeoning bag lady. It won’t be fun.


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  1. Lol! Poor you! Hubs is a pack rat, and so is the Princess (though she is also a generous soul and is happy to take things she’s outgrown to “the children without any toys”). I usually just box things up when they’re not looking and stash them in the basement for awhile. If no one misses them for 6 months, out they go.

    Good luck!

    badness jones’s last blog post… Do tampons go bad?

  2. My son actually puts his stuff in a bag and drags it around the house with him. Cute? I think not

    Suzie’s last blog post… Here Chicky chick chick

  3. I’m totally laughing on the inside because of the knitted doll she found. This seriously sounds like my mother and I when I was about 11. She would rent an entire dumpster and just trash my stuff– I think I’m still scarred from those experiences. I will think of you as your digging yourself from under the mass amounts of toys and collected bits of everything!

    Victoria’s last blog post… Wardrobe Malfunction Tuesday: Poncho Edition

  4. I helped Tallulah declutter yesterday (we are so in synch you and I, it is weirdly worrying!) She got rid of a whole load of things, swore blind she never wanted to see it again, and then went to bed in tears because her older sister commandeered most of it and spent the evening happily playing. As they share a bedroom we are no nearer to solving the clutter problem AND I have a desolate child. Arse…

  5. Oh my gosh, I feel for you!! We haven’t gone through the whole attachment thing in our home yet, but I’m sure we won’t raise two children without going through it at some point! I love the pee doll. Only a kid would think that is an awesome find!

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… Queenie

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