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Today in Adelaide it reached 45.7 degrees celcius, it was the hottest day here for more than 70 years. It  did not fall below 30 degrees overnight last night.

Our pile of crap air-conditioner just barely cools the lounge room, the rest of the hous is a furnace. We are melting.

Our dog seems to think she is  a reptile, she spent the day heading outside at every opportunity to  bask in the sun until she was too hot to touch and panting like she might die. She is a black lab, she’s supposed to like cold weather. I don’t think she’s very bright.

Beefcake and I took the small children to the local shopping centre and spent time loitering in the frozen food aisle of the supermarket. Pudding was happy because he scored an ice-cream cone. There was hardly anyone about. Everyone is hiding at home.

The next four days are going to be over 40 degrees, they suspect tomorrow may break the all-time Adelaide record of 46.1. I hope not. Tonight I will be moving furniture so that we can fit our massive bed into the air-conditioned room.

When we were in London I whinged and moaned about the lack of a decent summer. This is not fucking funny.


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  1. I am so cold. I cant take it. tell me more about the heat please

    Suzie’s last blog post… Oh NO! Not Another Meme

  2. I was in London during a record-breaking heatwave summer. Old people in Scotland kept dying because they weren’t accustomed to the heat. I’m with Suzy…it’s snowing here, and it’s cold…and I want spring to come SO bad, but then again, we only have one ancient window air conditioner, and when it’s hot the kids sleep on mattresses on the floor in our room, so 46 degrees doesn’t sound good either. Stay cool!

    badness jones’s last blog post… You’ve got to be kidding….

  3. I’ve been thinking of how hot it’s been for you these past couple of days. I know exactly how horrendous and agonising those 45+ degree days are. I find my comfort point disintigrates over 38 degrees.

    Can you drive out to the beach for a swim or at least some southerly breezes? ARE there any southerlies?


    Fe’s last blog post… We’re ba-ack….

  4. Do you have aircon in your car? I’d go park in shady spot for a while with the aircon blasting out or head for the nearest pool, although the freezer aisle sounds like the next best thing. Good luck. I can’t imagine heat like that at the moment, looking out at our cold, grey drizzle.

    Homeofficemum’s last blog post… I’ve had a rush of blood to the head

  5. Is that 46 degrees CELCIUS?!? I would seriously die. For real. I got sunstroke last summer and it was only 32 degrees then.

    bevchen’s last blog post… Wat I did on my hollidays

  6. Okay, so I just went to a website that converted all those strange and unrelatable (I know it’s not a word) Celsius temperatures (for me anyway) into Fahrenheit and HOLY CARP! That’s hot! I don’t know how you’re functioning in that heat and I understand heat. I live in Florida and the summer is awful. Bless you! YUCK! I hope you get a break soon and hang out in your freezer as much as possible.

    Magic Mom’s last blog post… The Act of Forgiving: A Journey

  7. So weird. I’m staring out the window at six inches of snow! Wanna trade?

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… Funkytown

  8. Holy freakin’ hell. I can’t even contemplate trying to sleep tonight. Definitely not funny.

    tinsenpup’s last blog post… Far Horizons

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