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  1. I can’t remember when it began with Boo, but he gets the other mum to telephone me to ask for a playdate after school. It works, the other Mum never minds, and I get to have a chat and a cup of tea/glass of wine with her when I pick Boo up later.

    No guilt, Ali. It’s not a parenting failure thing… and your post gave me insight into why I’m not much of a school yard Mum either (even though I do have some lovely friends in the school yard). My mother was NOT involved in my school at all… and I loved it. I felt so sorry for all of the kids who couldn’t separate home from school because their Mum was always at school…. or always knew more about what was going on in school than they did.


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  2. I totally get you there. I sympathise entirely. Only this year have I made mum friends at the school gates. It is very weird. Tilly also wants to be able to walk to school alone. I have stood firm in my refusal. I know I have to cave soon. I am just a coward.
    Good luck.

  3. I know how you feel. Mine are only four months and the only people who come to this house anymore come to see them.

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  4. Me too! And I homeschool! Half my freakin’ life is spent making nice to strangers I don’t fit in with for DK’s sake.

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