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Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep sleeeeeeeeeep

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I slept last night.

I was in bed by 10.30pm, I went to sleep and I slept the majority of the night. This may not seem a big deal to all of you but it is, I assure you.

Most nights I wait until somewhere between 1.30 and 3am, until I can no longer stand pretty much, and then I am almost guaranteed to be able to sleep and have few wakeful periods during the night, mostly. If I go to bed early it is pointless as I will only lie in bed awake until 2am (or 5). I walk around like a zombie and it’s lovely to walk into a room and have people comment on how tired you look, lovely. Last night I woke once for about 45 minutes, plus the five times Grub woke for a feed (I know, oh my gawd) and I slept until almost 7am.

What is rather odd is that I am almost always able to fall asleep during the day. I’ve always been a night time person, as is Beefcake, so we are not a good combination in terms of getting our rest. He was up until 2am and is now having a sleep-in. He has no insomnia issues (the man has been known to  fall asleep standing up, whilst pouring a drink) but just likes staying up late.

So, I’m making a commitment to myself to try and go to bed early, in the belief that I will be able to sleep, at least three nights a week. This is a big step for me and I am hoping it will continue. I  am never going to be an early to bed girl all the time, I love my child-free nights but I believe, that if I think I can, I will be able to sleep. I think I can, I think I can.

Yesterday was also a landmark day, I was able to practice hair-removal on my legs, underarms and nether regions, all of which were suffering from some serious neglect due to the fact that Grub is going through a phase where she screams if I leave the room. Even when she’s asleep.   I am lucky to be allowed to use the toilet at the moment.


I was out shopping and Grub was asleep in the sling so I ducked into the budget hairdresser in the shopping centre next to target (yes, I am glamourous) and had her quickly trim my hair. You see, my hair has been growing out since I was about 7 months pregnant. Growing out of a VERY short asymmetrical haircut that my then hairdresser felt was very me and just had to be done. She had been my hairdresser for about 4 years. I haven’t been back. SO, yesterday I had it trimmed to an evenish shape so that it doesn’t look as though Pudding has come at me with his safety scissors.

I am very pleased. None of the children even noticed (except Pudding, who was there).

Okay, off to clean up some hand soap which has apparently ‘vomited’ all over the bathroom cupboard. Thanks Pudding.


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  1. Good luck on the sleep front and well done on the hair removal on all fronts. I need to do the same and if I don’t get my hair coloured soon there’s be more grey than blonde or dark brown. It’s not a good look

    Homeofficemum’s last blog post… Failure in many things

  2. I know that I am a totally different person when I’m sleep deprived. And not one who I’d like to get to know, either. Good luck w/ your sleep!

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… How the Recession Punched My Baby in the Gut

  3. Hope you get to sleep tonight!

    I usually find that I’m ridiculously tired right up until I get into bed and turn out the light… then I’m suddenly wide awake. Gah!

    bevchen’s last blog post… Half a decade

  4. I’m a night owl too, but it just doesn’t mix well with parenting.

    I have a self-imposed rule that I’m off the computer by 9.30pm (a rule I often break) and in bed and reading by 10pm.

    Like you, I’m often still awake at 3, 4 or 5am. Last night I was awake still at 3, and then woke up 4 or 5 times before getting up at 7am.

    It’s not fun. And after 12 years of parenting, probably shows on my face.


    Fe’s last blog post… Guera Parkinson presents….

  5. keep me posted on the sleeping thing. Am very envious.

  6. Grub and Baby One sound very similar, especially in terms of the night time eating! Also? We seem to have similar insomnia issues. Luckily, however, Baby One’s nighttime nursing sessions have forced me into bed to lie with him and I don’t know if it’s all those Feel Good Chemicals that get released when he nurses, but I end up falling asleep. I swear, I have slept better these last 8 months with him IN the bed AND nursing all night long, than I ever did before. I do so love my sleep, but just not in the night time when everyone else likes it.

    Magic Mom’s last blog post… Baby Slideshow

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