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Jabby, pointy things and playgroup

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Grub had her two-month-old immunisations today. Yes, she is nearly eight months old. We always intended to put them off a little bit but we are so slack that a delay of a month or two turned into a delay of over five months.

I was actually quite pleased with how it went. Instead of the standard 45 minute wait to see the doctor they were actually running ON TIME.  I was expecting a tiresome lecture about our failure to immunise her so far but the doctor was very pleasant and even made a comment about the incredible number of things that are on the imunisation schedule now. Seriously, they just keep adding and adding. There are so many more than when my older two were little and Grub even gets a few that Pudding didn’t get and he’s only 3.

Poor little Grub had to have an injection in each thigh. The doctor was  really quite nice and even called another doctor to come and jab her at the exact same time so as not to prolong her distress. Still there was that moment, that slightly delayed reaction, a look of surprise and then “ohmyfuckinggodyoubastards, YOU HURT ME, ON PURPOSE!!!!” scream that just rips your heart out. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. She recovered quite quickly at the time but now she’s a sooky, crying mess and just needs to be held and boobed for the rest of the day.

Despite her sore thigh rolls, she still managed a major developmental milestone today, sitting herself up for the first time. She has been able to maintain her balance in a sitting position for several weeks but this was he first time she really sat herself up. I was so loud in my enthusiasm for her new move that I scared her and she fell over. Of course, all of the effort required meant she immediately needed a boob and a nap but at least that’s given me some precious time with my laptop.


It is 43 degrees here today. The being inside and the heat has driven Pudding insane. He spent all day shrieking maniacally and throwing pointy things, before finally passing out next to me on the couch. We try to duck to the park in the cool of the morning but we didn’t today and it has caused his fragile little  mind to break. It is very boring but there is little I can do to make it more exciting for him especially as Grub refuses to be put down. At all. Ever.

We did play a great game this afternoon which involved him being  a baby, who required frequent nappy changes. In the end I was worried that although the nappy changes were pretend, he may develop some sort of emotional scarring, which will create bizarre fetishism in his adult-life. I am nothing if not paranoid. In the end he decided that teddy was the baby and proceeded to breastfeed him. Can you tell what he sees the adults around him doing most? He needs to get out more.

In light of Pudding’s boredom, we have organised a new playgroup for him. He does swimming once a week and usually has a couple of playdates a week but we’ve decided he needs some more outside of the house time. It is all very exciting as it takes place at a local school, where they’re all about the alternative education methods. I nearly sent Rhubarb there years ago, but as I was a newly single Mum (the ex charmingly moved interstate after we split, so as to avoid any parenting duties) and I was across the other side of town and just beginning my degree it didn’t seem practical. Beefcake and I are hoping that Pudding will enjoy it and that we will be able to send him to school there next year. He is a very ‘free-spirited’ child and I worry about what the soul-crushing state education system might do to him*. I don’t know, it may not work out but I’m sure Pudding will enjoy the extra activity anyway.

*That sounds bad, the other children are fine and hardly damaged at all but it’s so potluck and maybe this would suit him  better.


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  1. OK.

    Poor baby. Injections suck.

    The heat sucks.

    Good idea for the extra activities.

    Nappy play is normal. It is when he wants to wear your underwear that you should worry.

    Kelley’s last blog post… Wanna pop my cherry?

  2. both my children are little freaks of nature, and never cry when they get injections. In fact, the first time we saw our current doctor, the Princess was about Grub’s age and needed 2 injections. The Princess just watched the doctor put them in, one at a time, and didn’t even flinch. It freaked the poor doctor out. That said, a pre-dose of ibuprofen or acetaminaphin helps, and my brother and SIL always put a pre-freezing patch on my niece before jabs, because she hated them.

    I worry about how Bad will fare in our school system too, and only hope that somehow we have lots more money 2 years from now and can send him to the little Montessori down the street for Jk and kindergarten.

    Stay cool. Is there a shady spot outside your house where Pudding can play? I give my kids a bucket of water and an old paintbrush in the summer and send them outside nekkid to ‘paint the house’.

    badness jones’s last blog post… The Longest Month

    • Lucky you with the freaky needle-loving children. I can’t even believe that!
      It’s too hot to be outside except for the early morning and late night. We’ve been resorting to letting him paint with water inside!

  3. Sorry about the novel! Heh, and you thought this was YOUR blog!

  4. You are good. I haven’t had any of mine immunised. Worked out today that over the space of the first twelve months of their lives here they are required to have 25 jabs!!!! That’s bonkers.

  5. Those shots are so sad. Its their first betrayel

    Suzie’s last blog post… Tales Of The Toilet Seat

  6. I honestly worry about all the injections they give these days! My doctor swears they are safe and the best thing for the kids, but they’ve added more just since my 4 y/o was a baby! My baby Claire had 5 at one time once! That just seems nuts to me.

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… How the Recession Punched My Baby in the Gut

  7. It’s awful, isn’t it? Poor baby (and you). DK did sleep through one once when she was a baby, though. That was pretty impressive.

    tinsenpup’s last blog post… Life is Disappointment

  8. baaa haaaa haaa

  9. Oh, poor little Grub! How did she do after the shots? Baby One always gets a bit feverish. And yay for her sitting up! Oh it all goes so fast, doesn’t it?! “Boobed all day” had me laughing! That’s a good one and I might have to steal it. I’ll credit you, of course.

    Magic Mom’s last blog post… Baby Slideshow

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