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Yesterday a friend’s child turned three. I got really overexcited and pumped so that I could have a drink or two and Grub would have some milk. I wish now that I hadn’t. Let’s just say I overdid it a bit. I can not  handle my alcohol.

I fail.

Beefcake assures me I didn’t embarrass myself too much  but I’m sure I must have. To top it off, I was drunk enough that I told two of my friends about this blog, which up until now only Patchouli! had known about. I was hoping they had forgotten about it but, of course, they haven’t. I gather they will be popping in to make annoying comments in the future, which is nice.

So, hi to you.


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  1. i can assure you that my comments will never be annoying – just highly amusing. and no, you did not embarrass yourself (no more than normal anyhow!). i had lots of fun with you anyway. xxx

  2. I’ve had to give up all the fun stuff as bad for me in one way or another. All I’ve got left is chocolate. Sigh…

    tinsenpup’s last blog post… Flames

  3. I hardly ever drink, but when I do, I am the Queen of embarrassing drunk moments. The worst was at Hubs’ best childhood friend’s wedding. Hubs was at the head table, and I was seated at a table with all the single men. Who flirted with the waitresses to get more wine brought to the table. To make a long and embarrassing story short, by the time the dinner and speeches were over and Hubs came to visit me, I was sitting on one of the guys’ lap, and at the end of the night Hubs had to carry me over his shoulder to our hotel room. Nice. And it’s still (10 years later) a favourite topic of conversation at gatherings.

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