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Tired and crazy with googly eyes

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I did not sleep well last night, I headed to bed at around one and tried to watch The Breakfast Club on my laptop until I felt as though I might have some success at getting to sleep. I then alternated between light sleep, with an awareness of Beefcakes tractor-like snoring and a tiny baby body pressed up against me, and being jerked awake every time I drifted into deep sleep by Grub’s insistence that I boob her. NOW! It was a pile of arse.

In my tired and grumpy state, this morning, I decided that it would be ideal to give the house a thorough cleaning. I have to admit to being a bit overwhelmed lately with the task of maintaining any semblance of cleanliness in a house with four kids and a Beefcake. The consequence of not quite keeping up over a period of weeks it the build-up of crap on every available surface in our house. There are little drifts of child detritus heaped against the skirting boards, small stacks of books, papers and bottle tops. There is a stick and a rock on my sideboard, towels and clothing are heaped on the hall table. Mess like this brings out the crazy in me. I insisted that we had to do a swift clean-up in order to prevent some sort of  dirt-induced psychosis on my part. Beefcake took my need to clean as a personal affront to his manhood, which resulted in him throwing a whiny baby man-tanty. As a consequence we didn’t achieve too much and I will have to try again tomorrow but it did ease the pressure in my brain a  bit, so that was a boon.

After my little frenzy we had to ready ourselves quickly and head to Pudding’s first playgroup. It was really, surprisingly fun. Pudding was beautifully calm and cooperative. He tried almost all of the activities and cleaned up after he had finished with each one. He was particularly taken with an hourglass-type arrangement filled with coloured water. He spent a good ten minutes tunring it upside down and watching the water shift. He mad a paper doll. His doll was dressed in a green bodysuit and had odd sized googly eyes. He even drew a stylish blue moptop hairstyle on his creation. He was very proud. This lasted approximately ten minutes, at which point he removed the smaller of the eyes and declared it an alien. The poor cardboard man lost his outfit on the way to the supermarket after playgroup and was delivered to the waiting jaws of Grub for entertainment as we trawled the aisles. We arrived home with nothing more to show of our time at playgroup than a soggy ball of cardboard and yet I declare it a success! I think we’ll try and get there every week from now on and there is a good chance that we may send him to school there.

At this point I need to confess that I have just had to rewrite this entire post as my laptop swallowed it first time around. I am shitty now, all of the joy has been sapped out of it and I will not be checking for errors of spelling or grammar.


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  1. Your day today sounds like my day yesterday.
    I do confess to loving the film The Breakfast Club though. I’ve seen it about twenty times and I still love it. Sorry it didn’t help you in your hour of need.

  2. I consider it a success too! Any activity that lasts more than 3 minutes is a success in my book! Unlike the last time Logan and I went to the coffee shop, and Logan insisted we put together a puzzle that they had laying around, and he fizzled out after putting two pieces together, after all the work of laying 100 little puzzle pieces out on the table!

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… February

    • Oh don’t you just love that – and you can’t be grumpy with them cos really you know you should’ve known they weren’t really going to follow through with it. Aarrgghh!

  3. I love The Breakfast Club!
    And after reading that I think I’d like to go back to playgroup.

    bevchen’s last blog post… My life in music

  4. I can’t function in mess either. Chaos outside = chaos inside. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do some make some space in your head.

    tinsenpup’s last blog post… Smoke Haze Sunset

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