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  1. Your kids are alive and kicking and therefore it is a success story.
    (And I can breathe a sigh of relief – there are real people out there, somewhere.)

    One of my daughters first words was ‘bugger’ and was frequently used in the appropriate context, so we were off to a great start! Now the kids are older we have a swear jar, for us and them. I do try to draw the line on fizzy drinks – soft drink, particularly coke, seems to cause nightmares for the monsters and therefore decreases my ability to get sleep. During the day it just makes them even more crazy and hyper, and not so much fun.

    del’s last blog post… One of those days

    • Yes, well, the soft drink was mine. My poor kids are strictly on water I’m afraid. The baby has never really had anything but boob to drink, so it was quite a parental ‘fail’ moment!

  2. Okay. This made me laugh because it sounds like my life. I was carrying in a truck ton of stuff from the car the other day, including Baby One and a Starbucks coffee (iced with a straw). You know where this is going, right? He drank from it! Coffee! Aahhhh! He’s had straight up, boob his whole life and I’m sure the COFFEE was the perfect next REAL food. Oy. At least I’m in good company. ;)

    Magic Mom’s last blog post… How Ya Like Me Now?

  3. Not knowing who Posh and Becks are is a GOOD thing. I wish I didn’t know who they were!!
    And the figuring out how to use a straw thing… I’d just claim it’s a sign your 8 month your old is a hgenius ;-)

    bevchen’s last blog post… Well, I didn’t fail…

  4. We all have those stellar parenting moments. 4 children = 4 x the moments. I’m just wondering how that teacher justified that homework. Bizarre.

  5. Bless you. Sounds like a normal day in this house. I particularly like the arse hat thing. Plus, Tilly has an imaginary boyfriend, we call him ‘ginger thug’ and take it in turns to make up hideous physical attributes for him! No mental scarring there at all then.

  6. This cracked me up! Probably because I can relate.

    Oh the things Julia says! Oh the songs Julia sings! And oh the things Lucy has eaten! I don’t allow soft drinks for the kids either (Lucy is all boob juice fed, too), but play-doh? Sure, eat that up.

    Leslie’s last blog post… No Pain, No Gain. Right?

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