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"So, honey, I got this chick's phone number"

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Today my body was coping particularly badly with the lack of sleep. I got up for about a couple of hours this morning and then just couldn’t keep my eyes open. Fortunately, Grub was keen for a nap by about 10am too so we headed back to bed and left Beefcake to get Pudding ready and off to playgroup. It was very nice. I got a couple of okay hours of sleep with only some brief boob attachment interruptions, Beefcake and Pudding had a lovely time at playgroup and then picked some things up at the supermarket.

While Beefcake unpacked the shopping we were chatting about how playgroup was and who was there when this conversation happened:

Beefcake: “I made a friend at playgroup”

Me: “Oh yeah”

B: “Yeah, mother of a 3yo… blah, blah, (description of what he and the woman chatted about)”

Me: “Cool, sounds nice”

B: Yeah, so she gave me her phone number and said we should get together for a playdate with the kids”

Me: “Ummmmm”

Now, here’s the thing. This is fine, really, it’s fine. Beefcake is very loyal and I have no worries on that count. He wouldn’t even go on a playdate, like this, without me. I suppose it is possible that I would’ve chatted to this woman and exchanged phone numbers and all the rest if I had been there. The thing is, if I had been out and brought home a man’s phone number in the same situation, then he would be weirded out too. I pointed this out to him when we were talking about it and he agreed. He would hate it if I brought home some random Dad’s phone number for organising playdates and yet he knows that he has nothing to worry about.

We had a good laugh about how silly it is but  I still feel a  bit uncomfortable about it. What’s up with that? It’s weird, no? I actually don’t know that I would give my phone number out to a married man I met at playgroup, which is stupid, I mean, who cares if it’s a Dad or a Mum who you’re talking to. The thing is, I must care about it on some level.

Oooh, oooh, and get this, she even said to him that she was really judgemental and that she tended to get all judgy when she met people and he said  (Oh. My. Fuck) “Oh well you and my wife will either hate each other or love each other then because she’s really judgmental too”. Nice one darling. Thanks. And, and, does she intend to have playdates with my husband and will she be annoyed when I turn up as well?

Anyway, what do you think, dear internets, would you be weirded out exchanging numbers with a Dad at playgroup? I’ll probably make friends with her and then have to delete this post at some point but right now….Is it just me? Am I being an insecure bitcharella or is she a bit too loose and free with her phone number?


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  1. I made friends with the playgroup dad when DK was little. He looked after his daughter while his wife worked, so he used to come for playdates and all. I have to say, though, that it never stopped feeling slightly weird, especially when he tried to tell me that all the mum’s at the playgroup flirted with him. I certainly hadn’t noticed this and he was nice, but he really wasn’t at all attractive.

    • Heh, that’s funny. The thing is, he told her he works from home and I was at home with our baby, she knows he’s not the stay at home dad, I’m the SAHM.I feel validated now, thanks Tinsen.

  2. I would probably have wet myself laughing if my hubby came home from a playgroup, but that is because I am a judgmental bitch who thinks that most of the mums at the various playgroups fitted into a few distinct categories – freaks, trolls and grandparents! The few dad’s that did attend were scared off really quickly.
    I say keep freaking out and enjoy this Potential New Friend, either the PNF works out or you both will have something to laugh about later.

  3. I do think its a little weird. Those women at playgroups can be real vultures. I think its good you pointed it out to your man and its good you didnt get to crazy over it.

    Suzie’s last blog post… Sick But Skinnyish

  4. I don’t know– I think it’s kind of weird. Personally, I wouldn’t give my number out to a dad at a playgroup, but I’m also REALLY shy so it would even happen. She might be totally innocent, but it does kinda give me freaky vibes

    Magic Mom’s last blog post… How Ya Like Me Now?

    • Yeah, I would be too shy as well and the thing is, she didn’t mention her husband at all so now we think maybe she is actually a single mum!

  5. I’m neither married nor a parent so not sure if my opinion counts, but it does sound rather weird to me.

    bevchen’s last blog post… Wet feet

  6. Hmmm, I found myself in a similar situation a few weeks ago when I ran into an old classmate of mine who was out with his two kids. We chatted for a long time and exchanged email addresses. I even mentioned something about getting our families together sometime. But I made it a point to say “families” so it didn’t sound like I was coming on to him and I hope he took it that way. We even emailed a couple of times, but kind of fizzled out. I don’t know. It’s kind of weird.

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… Grand Theft Auto – Short Bus Style

  7. maybe she is big into equality and maybe she gives out her number to other mums and therefore felt duty bound to do the same for the one dad she met. Or not. But trying to give the benefit of the doubt here.

    I’ve met dads at playgroups and always felt bad that they got excluded from playgroups so maybe she was really just trying to be nice. Not sure what I would really do in the same situation though

    Homeofficemum’s last blog post… We are perfect parents

  8. I think I’d be fine….as long as she wasn’t a single mom, which isn’t fair, I know, but I can’t help myself!

    badness jones’s last blog post… Pull those heartstrings, boy-child

  9. I think it’s o.k. to be a bit weirded out, as long as you act fairly around it, which you seem to be doing. I would feel the same way and I know Jason would probably melt down if he thought I was hanging out with men from playgroup. He would let me do it, but I know it would worry him.
    Totally normal to feel this way and great that you and beefcake can talk it through properly.

    • Yes, we’re all about the getting things out in the open at our house, I’m not very good at keeping it all inside, can you tell?

  10. If Dave took Julia to playgroup and came back with a phone number, I’d be weirded out. My first reaction would be, “That ho wants to get in his pants.”

    Of course, I’m super-judgmental and reluctant to trust.

    All I know is, I wouldn’t be giving my number out to the new dad at playgroup. I usually won’t exchange phone numbers with moms until I’ve seen them a few times. But that’s me.

    Leslie’s last blog post… No Pain, No Gain. Right?

  11. I wouldn’t worry at all about it. But then I don’t have a very good track record with relationships.


    Fe’s last blog post… Happy Bah Humbug…

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