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8-month-old baby, free to good home

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This is not much of a blog post.

I do not have much to give.

After spending the last hour or so boobing her, wrestling with her and begging her to fall asleep, as she usually tends to at this time of night.

It is 9.15pm she is currently doing this:


I have admitted defeat. I have no more Mummy in me right this minute.

Anyone interested? She’s cute and she can do tricks!

Edited to add: Grub managed to make this post publish before it was ready by doing some unusual things to my keyboard. It seems that this is the version that is in everyone’s feedreaders. Yay Grub!

Also, she’s sleeping, yes, yes, yes!!


9 responses

  1. At least she is gorgeous! I hope you get some rest tonight.

    del’s last blog post… Harry’s Take Over

  2. Uh sorry. I’d love to take her, but seeing as I just threatened to sell one of mine…..I’m not sure it’s in my best interests to bring a new one home!

    badness jones’s last blog post… Pull those heartstrings, boy-child

  3. She’s absolutely adorable but seeing as mine’s not sleeping at the moment either, I don’t think I’ll be much help. I feel for you, mama.

    Magic Mom’s last blog post… Wardrobe Malfunction Tuesday: Malfunctioning Camera Edition

  4. I hera you can get some great bids on ebay

    Suzie’s last blog post… An Infomercial of Lies

  5. Whew! I know the feeling. The baby’s been pretty good lately but I’ve been tempted to put my 4-year old up for sale!!

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… Kids These Days

  6. Don’t worry, it gets better when they reach their teens…. but then you get all sorts of other problems.I’ve long believed that the government should take them off our hands between the ages of 0 and say 25 and return them to us potty trained, educated and hopefully financially independent. VLiF

    (Very) Lost in France’s last blog post… Awards Night

  7. I will have to borrow that phrase “I have no more Mummy in me right this minute”. Hits the nail on the head. Wonder if it’ll work at that 3am feeding?

    Alison’s last blog post… Sibling Rivalry

  8. I’LL TAKE HER!! Maybe she and my Jordan can wrestle one another into submission and we can all get a little sleep!!!

  9. Sorry, I’m so friggin tired, I typed my blogsite in incorrectly… trying again here….

    Smashmom’s last blog post… Popcorn

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