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Sailing off into the sunset (with all the waves and the cold, cold water and…..)

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I have this bloggy friend.

She is a mother of two small and boisterous boys.

She runs her own business from home.

She is a clever and witty blogger.

She is also either completely insane or a completely amazing superwoman (maybe a bit of both).

You see, my friend, Home Office Mum, has decided that, in addition to all the other things she has on her plate, she fancies a spot of sailing. She just signed on to take part in the Clipper Round the World Race and sail from the UK to Brazil.

She has started a new blog in order to document her journey in getting ready for the race etc. She is toning sup and getting fit so that she will be able to hoist the sails like a swarthy dog (actually, I’m pretty sure she is not looking to become a pirate so you can just ignore that).

In order to manage this trip she needs to raise some funds. Seriously, I am in total admiration of this woman. I think she’s completely bonkers – because there’s no way you’d get me near a sailboat if my life depended on it – but gosh darn it she’s got balls.  This is going to be quite the hardcore adventure. She needs sponsors, she needs help getting this dream off the ground. Go over and visit her and lend your support. I’m so excited for her, embarking on this adventure and she’s sure to entertain everyone along the way. I mean, the woman has already been telling us all about feminine hygiene on the high seas.

So go check it out…. go on, you know you want to.


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  1. Thanks Ali – you’re a star. At the moment it doesn’t feel like a remotely brave thing. Just stupid. The amount of work I’ve added to my to do list is quite something.

    And no, not planning on becoming a pirate (unless of course it pays better than my current job)

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  2. I wish I had a dream such as that. She’s obviously a woman with crazy high and admirable aspirations. I’m gonna go check out her site now!

    Overflowing Brain’s last blog post… Thank you for NOT smoking

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