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Wardobe Malfunction TUesday: Loving it in Lurex

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My very funny blogging friend Magic Marker Mom sometimes trots out a post she calls Wardrobe Malfunction Tuesday. Now, this woman is amazing, I swear she has kept every fashion disaster of her adult life. Her WMT’s are fabulous and hilarious. My favourites have included these fabulous Louboutins and this backless number that just rocked my world.

I tend to have regular cleansing sessions and therefore have lost much of the real fashion tragedies that have adorned my gorgeous bod over the years. I have had many a sad encounter with man made fibres and more fashion victim moments than I can count but I have been ruthless and they have all ended up with one charity or another. All of them except a choice bag of vintage clothes which, while mostly hideous and tragic, have some special importance to me.  So, in admiration of MMM’s tragically full wardobe, I give you my version of a fashion tragedy:


I do not remember where I bought this little number. I do remember being enchanted with the Lurex and believing that it was the most stunning 70’s number I had ever seen. I loved it and wore it many times, although in recent years it has only been trotted out as a fancy dress costume. Here it is as worn by a mystery model who did not wish to appear on my blog in heels and a dress if people could identify facial features:


God, can’t you just hear him telling a therapist all about this at some future date. Goodness he looks chic though!

I’m just looking at the label now and it was apparently made by an outfit called Kenneth Pirrie, who was obviously some really glam and fabulous designer of the sixties and seventies. It lists the make-up of the fabric as being a composition of Lurex and Orlon, which everyone knows are the kings of the synthetic fibre world.

It is truly hideous, I know, but after this, it will be folded and returned to the bag underneath my bed where all such treasures reside because I simply can’t get rid of it.


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  1. Or maybe you could bring it back to life by chopping off the sleves and the long skirt and turning it into a mini dress?

    Obviously, this is why I’m not on Project Runway.

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… The Secret Life of HeatherPride

  2. I quite like it in a retro way. MAybe I am a walking fashion disaster? Well I am, but maybe I’m worse than I feared.

    Homeofficemum’s last blog post… Boys vs girls: the great top removal debate

  3. I had a lurex turtleneck that was separated from that dress at birth! And I love your model!

    badness jones’s last blog post… How to catch a thief…

  4. I agree with Homeofficemum. It is strangely appealing.

  5. Wow! That is lengedary

    Suzie’s last blog post… And The Cow Goes Moo

  6. First of all, your model is absolutely perfect. Where can I get me one of them??? And B: It looks like a dress one might wear to the prom– IN PRISON. No offense! OH GOD, I hope you’re not offended! I think you’ve got a winner right there. Maybe you should move here (or, hey, I can go there– either way) and we can wear our malfunctions for coffee once a week?? Sound good? We’d look o UNfabulous! It would be perfect!

    Magic Mom’s last blog post… Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts, and Then What?

  7. Heather- I think it needs to stay intact for, you know, posterity.

    HOM- It does have a certain something.

    Badness – I wish you still had it, I would love to see!

    Katyboo- You know, it’s funny, Beefcake thinks it’s quite nice and can’t figure out why I used it for this post.

    Suzie- Yes, I know, it’s special!

    MMM- Nope, not offended. I think we’d be pretty eye-catching, we should do it!

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