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Shining brightly for all the world to see

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Regular readers will remember that Pudding recently declared that he had power. IN HIS EYES. You need to add this to a rather long list of special talents my three-year-old possesses. He can fly. He has special ‘moves’ which involve a lot of rolling around on the floor and jumping and leaping off of furniture and striking poses. He is the world’s greatest talent in a martial art known as “Ha Fu”. Not to be pigeonholed, lately he has developed a fascination with the ballet, performing graceful leaps about the lounge room (although his style of ballet does incorporate rather more Ha Fu punches and kicks than the stuff I’ve seen before).

His talents are many and varied but none are so odd as the one I discovered during the week.

I was walking to the laundry and as I passed him I rubbed the back of his head, just ruffled his hair at the back, as I often do.

Pudding: Yes Mummy, that’s just my star.

Me: What was that, darling?

P: It’s my star back there, it shines really brightly, my star.

Me: There’s a star on the back of your head?

P: Yeah, it shines really brightly, for everyone to see.



4 responses

  1. Pudding is awesome, I want my own star that shines out of the back of my head – it might distract the world from the ever expanding backside!

    del’s last blog post… Venting Ahead

  2. He is possibly the cutest child in the world who is not actually related to me. That’s brilliant.

  3. Del – Yes wouldn’t it be nice to have a star – people would certainly notice you!

    Katyboo – That’s such a lovely thing to say, he is rather special

    HOM – I know, he’s too funny.

  4. Wow… Pudding is so cool. I do believe he does have have a brightly shining star.

    tinsenpup’s last blog post… Grace In Small Things: 9 of 365

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