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Look at me, being all creative and crap

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Yesterday I had some sort of creative brain spasm, which prompted me to undertake some sewing. Yes, sewing. I have gone through various creative “phases” in my life. When Rhubarb and Poss were small I sewed all of their clothing (I know, what was wrong with me?) and much of my own as well. I can’t say I was ever terribly good at it. Seams were always a bit wonky and I didn’t trouble myself with following patterns and pinning things too much. I was a bit of a maverick. Yes, a maverick seamstress. Anyhow, I became bored with that at some point and only sew now to adjust hems or make repairs really. A friend made me turn her maxi dress into a skirt last week and consequently my sewing machine was still on the dining room table and I lost all sense of reason.

I sewed some bed curtains for Pudding, so that he can pretend his bed is a tent. He is thrilled but it still didn’t stop him from coming into our bed at 2am. Then I sewed a new attachment blankie for Grub. Now, I had bought this gorgeous Alexander Henry fabric to make a blanket for her weeks ago (by which I mean prior to Christmas). I have been meaning to do something with it and lately she has taken to pulling out my hair as she drifts off to sleep. I couldn’t cope anymore. I am quite pleased with it actually. I paired with some purdy limey green satin for strokeability and she seems to like it enough to consider relinquishing her fistfuls of hair.

I have decided that, although the sewing was reasonably successful, it is actually a force for disharmony in my body. I has quite a sore pelvis last night and today I have been quite bad. I can see no other cause. It has to be the sewing, I have to make some small adjustments to her blankie and then I am burying the sewing machine in the linen cupboard and never getting it out again. I should be grateful I suppose, I am currently floating on a sea of pain free happy thoughts. I have taken the good painkillers. My doctor assures me that they are safe for breastfeeding and having consulted the Great Google, I can see that they are. However, I have irrational paranoias that I will cause Grub to grow a second head or that her brain will leak out of her ears so I never do. It all go too much for me this afternoon – a trip to playgroup and the supermarket left me barely able to walk – and I have allowed Beefcake to dose me with drugs. It is wonderful to be pain-free for a short while. I can move my hips in ways that are appropriate to a woman in her early thirties, not an arthritic octogenarian.

The only problem is, I am not that used to strange things in my system and it sends me a bit funny in the head.

I should not be allowed near my laptop, to interact with the outside world. I know this and yet, here I am.

Right, I;ve just read through that and I can see that it is about as coherent as a Neighbours plotline but I can not fathom how I would fix it. See?

I might go for a nice lie down.


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  1. Poor thing. Enjoy the break from pain.

    Oh, and it’s quite straightforward really: Libby and Dan finally got married, since he found out that his pregnant bi-polar ex-wife’s baby wasn’t his. Libby collapsed immediately after the wedding and clearly, her life is in peril. Cassandra stole the wedding dresses so she could save the day and go to the wedding, except she sabotaged Rebecca’s dress, because she senses that Rebecca still has feelings for Paul and she wants him to herself. Zeke’s back, but he’s lost his memory, or most of it and instead of being dead as everyone thought, he was just living with a strange man in a country town. Harold seems to have recovered completely from his heart attack, which is totally weird, because last I saw, he was in hospital waiting to die. Hmm… Maybe you have a point…

    tinsenpup’s last blog post… Grace In Small Things: 9 of 365

  2. Post PICTURES of the sewing, woman! If it’s the last sewing you’ll ever do, it could be worth MILLIONS one day. (or not.) I’m so sorry to hear that you’re in pain, I too turn loopy on drugs – even cough medicine – so I get why you’re avoiding them. Enjoy the buzz while it lasts. I miss Neighbours….they showed it in England, but it’s not on here. Not that the children will let choose what to watch on telly anyway…

    badness jones’s last blog post… That Mean Old Fairy Came Back….

  3. Bed curtains! Maybe this is what I need to put up in Logan’s room so he can hide from all the scary closet monsters! Hmmm….

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… Throwing In the Towel

  4. So many things I feel the need to address:
    1- You absolutely must post pictures of this sewing. I want to see the blanket. And I, too, am a sewing maverick forgoing patterns and pinning in favor of a rough and ready style of sewing. Rock on.
    2- Glad you’re feeling better.
    3- Bed Curtains. I think my Big might need some so he will STAY IN HIS BED ALL NIGHT LONG thankyouverymuch.
    4- Neighbours? They don’t have this in the US. What is this TV show?

    Magic Mom’s last blog post… Because I Have No Time

  5. I totally just read “bed curtains” as bead curtains in your blog, then realised that all the comments said “bed curtains” and had to go back and read the blog again. And I’m not even on any painkillers. See what moving does to a person’s brain! Sigh.

    bevchen’s last blog post… Getting there

  6. pain free is great even if it does make your head go a bit funny.
    I am envious you have a sewing machine. I have stabbed my thumb several times trying to make a miniature skirt for Alan II. Pah! Send me drugs and your defunct sewing machine!

  7. Tinsen – Yes, I enjoyed the break. Ah, Neighbours, I think it gets crazier every year. How many peopl in one street can have amnesia?
    Badness – Yes, photos. It’s weird, you wouldn’t think it’d be possible to miss Neighbours but it is.
    Heather – Oh yes,you should try them.
    MMM – Pictures coming, he slept all night in his bed last night – once I warned I might take away the bed curtains if I didn’t!
    Bev – Poor love, go and have a nice lie down.
    Katy – I would ship it to you if it weren’t so darn heavy! Anyway, I think a certain amount of pain is necessary to get the creative juices flowing – or maybe that’s blood!

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