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Of insomnia and shiny things

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It turns out that being pain-free has it’s pros and cons. I am much less sore and swollen today than I have been in weeks, thanks to large doses of anti-inflammatory yesterday. However,  it would appear that nasties in my system also muck around with my ability to sleep, which I obviously need, not at all. Also, just, well, last night sucked. Let’s just run through my evening for those of you who are interested (which I assume is everyone because really, who wouldn’t be).

5.45pm (just before dinner time for us): Power goes off. Power company website says it will remain this way until at least 8pm.

6.10 pm: Dinner will now be chicken and chips from the chicken shop around the corner.

6.30pm: Beefcake arrives home with dinner, narrowly avoiding mad run on chicken shop as all residents of surrounding neighbourhoods rush to feed themselves in absence of electricity.

6.45pm: We finish eating. Power comes back on. We feel foolish.

7.00pm: Grub loudly protesting getting out of bath as she is cutting four teeth at once and in desperate need of comfort any way she can get it. She hates us. Frustrating blur of child wrangling and noise. Breastfeed.

7.45pm: Pudding in bed. Poss decides she must print out 11 pages of ‘art’ she has made for school on the computer. I say ‘no’. I am evil.

8.45pm: Poss in bed, Grub asleep in my arms. I start to drift off on the couch.

9.00pm: I tell Beefcake I might just have a wee lie down in bed with Grub. Breastfeed, breastfeed, breastfeed again.

12.30am: Grub wakes up, I need to wee. Stagger in to lounge room. Beefcake still working. Grub will not return to sleep once I have relieved myself. I browse the internet while she plays.

1.30am: Pudding up. Needs to sleep in our bed. Scared. Needs torch. Put him back to bed with torch.

1.45am: Pudding cold, needs jumper. Threaten removal of bed curtains if he doesn’t stay in bed. Grub still awake.

2.20am: Annoying rant from Beefcake about my inability to sleep and/or stay in bed. Bicker for a short while. Make sarcastic response about acquiring his permission next time I wish to be up at odd hours. Breastfeed. Grub drifts off.

3.00am: Head to bed with Beefcake. Chat briefly. He falls asleep. Lie awake and stare at wall.

3.35am: Breastfeed.

4.15am: Lie awake and stare at wall planning witty and clever blog post now long forgotten.

4.30am: Worry that some food was not put away in kitchen. Get up to check. Food had been put away.

5.00am: Drift off to sleep. Breastfeed.

5.45am: Awoken by garbage truck emptying our bins.

6.00am: Breastfeed.

7.00am: Alarm goes off. Tell Beefcake to stay in bed. Breastfeed. Get up to make breakfasts/lunches/drive people to school.

Despite it all, I felt quite chipper this morning then, during Pudding’s swimming lesson, Grub killed my phone. You see, last time she killed it, Beefcake was able to take it apart and fix it so that I didn’t get to have to buy a new one (bastard). Thanks to my quick thinking, I was able to avoid a repeat performance of Beefcake as Mr Fixit this morning and score myself one of these (seeing as we were walking right past the phone shop and everything).

I am thrilled. It is shiny and I can do fun things with it.

I am in lurve.

Beefcake is jealous. He won’t admit it but I can tell.

So, on to pictures – taken using my new toy. Which is actually quite hard to hold still and take photos with. I do not have a steady hand.

Badness, who incidentally is clever and artistic and creative, has asked to see what I did, as has Magic Marker Mom, so you can blame them. Anyway, this is Grub’s blankie. I have shaped it so that she can hold each of the pointy bits for her to grip in her chubby little fist……..


And here is the other side, with the strokable satin side, which she already loves to touch and hold to her face….


I haven’t shown it but I have sewn around the edges of some of the birds so that it holds together, instead of having the two layers pull apart.

Finally, the bed curtains, these are definetely not a sewing masterpiece. We picked up some cheap fabric from Ikea. Pudding’s bed sits partly underneath Poss’ loft bed, which makes it easy for us to create a “bed tent” for him.


So, there you have it, really. Photographic proof that I have put needle to fabric.

Aren’t you glad I showed you?


9 responses

  1. Wow that is some night. I am so happy I am no longer nursing. I am also very impressed with your fine needle work

    Suzie’s last blog post… A Blood Thirsty Sandwich

  2. I love that birdie fabric! I’d love to make a handbag out of something like that. (Though actually, what I’d do is design the handbag, make a pattern, cut it out, make a mistake on the first seam and then make my mommy come and sew if for me. I’m such a loser.)

    And the bed tent looks very fun. I hope you get more sleep tonight. I weaned Bad over New Year’s, but he still doesn’t sleep through the night….I forget what that was even like.

    badness jones’s last blog post… How much is that doggie in the window?

  3. Oh, your night sounds like my night… Every night. All that breastfeeding. It seems like a WHOLE LOT when you write it down like that. GENIUS idea for the points on the blankie. Perfect for little hands to grab on to. I also LOVE the fabric. Birds- so cute!! And Pudding’s bed tent is raging cute. I love that fabric too. So crafty! Now I’m off to go BREASTFEED.

    Magic Mom’s last blog post… Because I Have No Time

  4. I HATE nights like that, and I can’t believe you have the energy to blog when clearly, you should be napping. zzzzzz

    Love the bed curtains! Those are awesome. I would have loved that when I was a kid.

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… Throwing In the Towel

  5. Now I am feeling all guilty about almost having a decent sleep with only 2 memorable interruptions – one child talking loudly in their sleep and the other sleep walking. And now I am the only one awake, hence me checking blogs before getting school lunches organised.
    I hope that somehow really soon, pain-free and sleep can be used in the same story. If you can’t sleep though, keep creating – the blankie rocks!

    del’s last blog post… Almost Grumpy

  6. Glad I’m not the only one conjuring up phantom blog posts while breastfeeding. I swear I’m Keats incarnate at 3am!

    Alison’s last blog post… Keep Calm and Carry On

  7. Suzie – Heh, sometimes the feeding is exhausting!
    Badness – Ooh and the satin comes from this a-maz-ing fabric shop. It is a huge, huge warehouse. I could wander in there for hours looking at it all quite happily. I always get excited about the fabrics and fall down on the sewing side of it.
    MM – I know, it seems a lot when written down!
    Heather – would probably nap if small people would allow it!
    Del – Don’t worry, one day I will get some sleep again. Thanks!
    Alison – Oh yes but often I think I start to doze and the ideas get a bit dreamy. Sometimes (when I remember them) they are a bit odd!

  8. Love the custom blankie and Yay Grub! Everyone should have one of those oh so shiny things.

    tinsenpup’s last blog post… Grace In Small Things: 9 of 365

  9. gah and I thought I was havign a bad night with only three hours sleep. Positive decadence compared to yours. still, they will leave home in about sixteen years and then you can sleep all you want.

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