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Graeb a bppk and sit down

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I am too tired to blog tonight. It is, however a good tired.

It is the tired of having been to the library and stocked up on book. Books for Pudding and books for me.

It is the tired of having been to the Adelaide Central Market for lunch. We went to our favourite food area in Chinatown, which is adjacent to the market. I had Hainanese style chicken and rice, which sounds very boring but is actually divine. It consists of fried chicken in soy sauce, chopped up (bones and all) served with steamed rice. What makes it so delicious is the fragrant broth, which you pour all over the rice, to make a kind of porridgey, soupy plate of goodness. It is served with a green sauce,  of which I haven’t figured out the contents and a garlic-chilli sauce. I first had it in Malaysia a couple of years ago and have been craving it, pretty much constantly ever since. Beefcake favours the frighteningly hot sizzling plates of stir-fried meat. It is so cheap to eat there and it is one of our favourite treats.

After our lunch we browsed the asian supermarket and picked up some of the special chilli sauce mentioned above,  some yummy tea and canned jackfruit, as well as some pretty paper for Poss to use for craft. We also found time to grab a bunch of Chinese coconut buns, a few different types but basically all sweet with coconut and/or custard. I have eaten enough bun-related goodness to keep me on a sugar high for a month. We also went to my favourite asian grocer to get fresh Thai basil and coriander to add to our salad at dinner – because of course, when one has overindulged in buns, salad evens it all out.

I am knackered. I carried grub in the Ergo and my pelvis hurts. I am going to greab a bppk*, a cup of tea and come jackfruit. I will try and post something interesting tomorrow.

The end.

*It took a little while for me to relaise I had typed “greab a bppk” I would correct it but I think it too beautifully reflects my current state.


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  1. You know, I’m always on the lookout for a good bppk. Let me know if you have any suggestions!!

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… Kindergarten Assessment FAIL

  2. Ah, food porn; for those of us who used to enjoy food, but can no longer eat anything good. It sounds like a near perfect day. I also have a vague recollection of something a little like bppks; maybe even an English lit. degree. Now I just read blogs and web pages.

    tinsenpup’s last blog post… Little Thought

  3. Get some sleep

    Suzie’s last blog post… My Daughter Has Skills

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