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Barbie needs money to pay for university

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We went browsing at a big shopping centre today. We had to get a present for a friend of Pudding’s who’s having her fourth birthday tomorrow and we needed a few other things. We had a nice time. I found a really beautiful dress, gorgeous navy with pink and silvery oriental kind of print. Sounds a bit off but it’s beautiful. Unfortunately, they only had a size 6, which in Australia is about as small as it gets. I am not as small as it gets. It would fit Poss but it’s not really her style. I loved the fabric so much (and the price -it was $7) that I bought it so that I could make something for Grub.

I digress.

We went to the toy shop to buy a present for Puddings friend. Gift was purchased, all was well. Just as we were about to leave though we spotted these by the window – in a glass case because they are THAT special:

Now, I understand that these are supposed to bring to mind a bit of Cabaret. I can see that, but what I also see is Super Skanky Stripper Barbie, now with bendy limbs.

Perhaps Mattel feel that they have neglected a market share by not catering to all of the little girls who aspire to one day mount chairs wearing fishnets? And, in an extra-specially well thought out move, this is the Barbie they have used to launch “The Pivotal Body”, which, from what I gather, just means she can be bent and posed in real pron star positions. You can bend her every which way. She will teach your daughter the art of keeping one’s limbs flexible. Also, if you fancy a bit of light S&M she comes equipped with chains.

What more could a little girl dream of, really?

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  1. I’m guessing she doesn’t have epilator difficulties!

    del’s last blog post… A VERY Slow Day

  2. You should also tag this post: Things Santa WON’T be bringing this year. I have no problem with Barbie, per se, but this one? Ewww…..

    badness jones’s last blog post… Who says romance is dead?

  3. Um, ew? What an awesome message to send to our, young, innocent, moldable minds.

    Magic Mom’s last blog post… What’s Your Secret? Now With More Poop!

  4. I have a big problem with Barbies at the best of times and this is worse. I also despise Brats who I have renamed Mini Ho’s.

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