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When you are practising good standards of personal grooming, using a device that requires electricity, be careful.

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WARNING: This is where I demonstrate that I have no shame, or at least, very little, and if something is bothering me enough I just have to share. Please click away if you are easily embarassed or would rather not know this kind of thing about me. I won’t be offended, I just have to put this out there because, well, I have poor impulse control?


I use a little thing known as an epilator. I have used it for some time. It is excellent.

My underarms and legs remain pretty much hair-free with a minimum of pain and fuss if I am nice and reg-a-lar about it.


I am a bit squeamish when it comes to attending to my bikini line with my epilator. I do it, but if I have left it to grow back at all it is all together too painful for me to manage in one session. I have remembered this and have been keeping it well under control lately. Consequently, this morning it was time to have a quick tidy up after my shower.

Now, your skin needs to be completely dry in order to perform the whole epilation thing. It told me so in the manual when I first bought it and my brain has managed to fire that information at me every time I have used my epilator since. My brain did fire the information this morning. I did not take heed.

Just in case you are not familiar with the way an epilator works, it pulls the hair out by the roots with little rotating tweezer disc thingys- painful if you’re not used to it, some potential for maiming around sensitive areas.

I was in a hurry this morning.

I just have one phrase for you “labia mangling”.

The end.


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  1. Oh my freaking gawd! That sounds worse than childbirth! My mom gave me one of those epilator thingies as a teenager – I used in once. NEVER again. I’m glad you survived to talk about it!

    badness jones’s last blog post… Who says romance is dead?

  2. Oh Mah Gaw- OW. Bless you, that sounds painful.

    Magic Mom’s last blog post… What’s Your Secret? Now With More Poop!

  3. OUCH! Although who am I to comment as I am THIS close to childbirth right now! I see your labia mangling and raise you hooha tearing! Enough! Last pregnancy I asked my husband to use his hair trimmer to tidy me up ‘downthere’ and then felt I needed to explain why I looked like a prepubescent girl at each midwife appointment thereafter. This time I have overcome my fear of hair trimmers and tidied myself up in a much more appropriate fashion! The good news, ladybits heal fast!

    Sarah’s last blog post…

  4. Oh girlfriend I am with you on this one!

    I use an epilator too…. but had such a bad experience in January (pretty much the same as yours) that I am now as hairy as an ape.

    Too scared to go back. Too confused to know what to do now (I’m not the kind of girl who will pay someone to wax my bits, but also hate shaving).

    Ow Ow Double Triple Ow!!

    ((( Ali )))

    Fe’s last blog post… I feel like a new woman….

  5. omG! i think you are very brave in ordinary circumstances. I had a go with an epilator once, just on my arm hair. it made me cry after approximately a nanosecond. i cannot imagine what it would do to your lady garden.

  6. Badness – It’s worst the first time, it gets easier after that! This episode was pretty bad though

    MM – Yeah, um, ouch

    Sarah – I laughed so much whilst reading your comment that Beefcake kept asking me what was so funny. I’ve always been paranoid about what the midwives might think if the personal grooming was a bit too perfect. I don’t blame you!

    Fe – Ah, the things we do. I’m with you on the someone else waxing you thing and when I try to wax myself I always end up taking a fair bit of skin. Not good.

    Katyboo – It really does get easier after the first time. You get used to it!

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