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Where does snot come from?

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After all of that annoyance with Rhubarb the other day, he seems to have settled back into his usual muttering, grumbling but generally cooperative self. That episode seems to have been but a brief spike in TAAM activity. I am a little bit annoyed, however because it turns out that meeting that he missed would have been beneficial to attend. It was to select three Year Eights who would be allowed to row in the “very big regatta”, which is being held in a couple of weeks. The manager of the team told Rhubarb that he may have been selected if he had attended the meeting. They chose him to be cox for the Year Nine boys in the end, which was actually quite an honour but suggests that they thought he possessed the skill to participate. Anyway, there’s always next time and it will be fun just to see him out there on the water joining in with his team.

Not content to leave me harassment free (because they are the minions of Beelzebub) Rhubarb has passed the torch to Pudding. The difference is that Pudding can be as annoying as you please and he still has the cuteness to temper it. You can never be truly annoyed by Pudding because he is three. While he is still three (in fact I believe the official cut-off age for overarching cuteness is seven), most of the things that he does are funny or  endearing in some way. You may have to cover your face when you laugh so that he doesn’t know he was being funny and takes your stern rebuke seriously but he is still amusing. Pudding has reached some sort of developmental turning point and has enter the “questions phase”. Consider the following examples of Pudding’s questioning prowess:

  • “Mummy, how does my body move?” – he is insistent that, as your brain has no mouth, your brain can not be telling your legs and arms what to do. His answer : “Your bones have magic”, um, yes, far more plausible.
  • “Mummy, what’s inside my tummy?” – after explaining basic anatomy and physiology of digestive tract I was thoroughly overruled. It is preposterous to suggest that your food makes it’s way through your digestive tract and ends up as poo, it somehow becomes invisible and makes it’s escape via the mouth, perhaps while you are sleeping.
  • “Mummy where do boogers come from?” – I tried to be vague but he would not be fobbed off with anything less than a full description of  glandular epithelial cells. He nodded sagely and seemed well satisfied with this.
  • “Daddy, why do my pants fall down?” – Beefcake* tried explaining the concept of objects being attracted to one another – gravity. I argued that it may not be appropriate for a three-year-old.

There are more but I won’t bore you.

As a side note, the handbag arrived this morning. I am overjoyed. I haven’t taken it on an outing yet but I will tomorrow and I will post pictures of handbag’s first trip out. I know, you’re excited!

* I nearly hit publish with Beefcake’s REAL name typed into this post. I have never done that before. I am not on the ball.


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  1. i LOVE 3 yr old questions–perfectly logical : ) LOL

  2. My refrain these days is ‘oh for God’s sake you’re behaving like a 3 year old’. Because she is 3, and sometimes I have to remember that.

    Good job with the booger explanation. I would have just said your brain is leaking and that’s why you should leave them alone.

    Bad, bad parent.

    Alison’s last blog post… Us vs. Them: Driving

  3. lol–my kids are 12 and 9 and when they are being horrible we always say–you aren’t two anymore, knock it off.

  4. I don’t think the question is where do boogers come from, I think the better question is what the hell do you do with them? Cuz if we can find a use for that crap, my Peas is sitting on a gold mine.

    TonieMeaterson’s last blog post… Yep, I’m a presumputious SNOT

  5. I love the snot question very profound

    Suzie’s last blog post… The Shoe Shop of Doom!

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