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Pity me, oh poor me

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Well, whoops.

I meant to blog and I meant to blog and I got on my laptop and found I couldn’t focus my eyes. I tried to comment on a couple of peoples’ blogs and had trouble concentrating enough to put together a sentence. I have had a cold. We have all had colds. I have spent the day today still lying about moaning.

I am pathetic. It’s just a cold.

We went to Rhubarb’s qualifying regatta on Saturday. The team he is coxman for qualified for the Head of the River regatta that is on Saturday. Yay. I was soooooooo excited. I nearly embarrassed myself (and Rhubarb) by running up and kissing him as he removed the oar thingies and helped carry the boat out of the water. I managed to maintain  my composure and he is still speaking to me.  I thought I was just a little tired after all the excitement until, on the card ride home, I developed a sore throat. I have been lying about and whimpering ever since. It didn’t help that we had to tidy and garden for a house inspection that took place on Monday and the blasted children seem to constantly require taking care of. It is not restful at all.

It’s amazing how, when you take a little break from blogging, it seems inconceivable that you could find anything to write about. What on Earth could I possibly have to say? Why in the name of all that is purple would I write about nothing and then ponce about the internet letting people know where they can find it? Seems quite odd if you ask me.

I had to actually force myself to open up an “add new post” window and type something. Kind of getting back on the wagon, if you will. I still have the feeling that I have swallowed razor blades and every movement that I make has all the speed  it would possess if I were submerged in wet concrete. I don’t really want to blog but I am scared. What if I stop and then I just put it off for one more day and then another and before you know it I have no blog, no bloggy friends, then where would I be?

I am delirious and feverish – can you tell?


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  1. Get back on the wagon, come on you can do it! If you are lacking in energy, try some cheesecake or brownies – they are perfect for breakfast or a late night snack!
    I hope the razor blades pass quickly and hopefully painlessly…

  2. i know what you mean about getting back on the blog wagon. things happen, you fall off on writing and then i think–eh, why bother. i think we all go through this sometimes. i hope you feel better soon though.

  3. You cannot fall off the wagon again. EVER. Get well soon. I have been worried. I thought beefcake might have made you sell the internets to pay for your handbag.

  4. I agree, it is kind of hard to keep the blog afloat sometimes. You know, there’s that whole LIFE thing that keeps getting in the way….

    No worries, we’ll all be here when you recuperate! Take it easy!

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… Fat Girls Club, Week Three: Food on a Budget

  5. I have oodles of sympathy for you, the cold virus doing the rounds is a NASTY one. Just wait for the aching jaw and sinus pain….. Rest up and you’ll be back in no time! (cos like rest is something you get a lot of what with the kids and the husband and all that!!!)

    Sarah’s last blog post…

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