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When we first moved into this house I was heavily pregnant with Grub. We were arriving home from a stint living in London and we just needed to find a rental that could be home – quickly. I was planning to (and did) have a homebirth so I needed it to feel right. We were lucky to find this place and we have enjoyed living here.

It was always the plan that we would wait a year or so and then buy a house again. A year has drifted by now and we are not ready. We have been a little free with the money that we should have been saving. We have kind of taken a break from the relentless grind of being careful and counting every cent. We definitely could have been a lot smarter but I think that we needed to do this before diving back into the mortgage thing again.

We have just gotten our act together and are taking the saving thing seriously when, wouldn’t you know it?

The landlord wants his house back.

He called this afternoon to say that he has decided to move back in himself and do some renovations ready to sell it. He had been planning to demolish and build a couple of cheap and nasty numbers to make a quick buck but he has decided against it.

He was very nice and apologetic but we now have two months to be out.

This is at least a decent amount of time.

I am anxiety.

I am distress.

I am fine with a bit of a change. I was the instigator behind the “let”s up and move the whole family to the UK” thing. My feet are as itchy as the next person. – itchier.

I just would like to do it on my own terms.

My terms are as follows:

  • That it happen in 6 to 8 months time.
  • That we have won some money in the lottery, which I never remember to buy a ticket in.
  • That we will find the house of our dreams and nobody else will be interested and we will be able to buy it for next to nothing.
  • The dream house will be located in ideal position close to Rhubarb’s school in a nice, tree-lined street.

What do you think? Reasonable, yes?

Here is the reality of what will happen:

  • Find a cheap rental that will accept a family with four children and a dog.
  • Find that’s impossible and locate somewhere for the dog to board and cram children into two bedroom unit.
  • Save, save, save, save, save, save, save, save, save, save, save.
  • Buy ordinary house in bad location for the absolute maximum we can afford.
  • Spend rest of life ferrying children to and from school.

I am unhappiness.


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  1. Oh girl, talk about getting the rug yanked out from underneath you! I hope this situation works out for you. What a headache.

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… Fat Girls Club, Week Three: Food on a Budget

  2. Oh Ali! That’s awful. I love the idea of moving, but hate the process. And after the last one, Hubs and I agreed that we wouldn’t do it again unless we could afford to pay someone to do all the moving, and we’d either build something brand-new, or gut something completely before moving in, but never never would we live through a renovation again.

    I’m sure there’s a wonderful house out there for you. Good luck hon.

    badness jones’s last blog post… April Funnies

  3. that blows. srsly. i like the IDEA of moving but the process, especially when you are being forced into and not able to do it on your own timetable, sucks. i am frustrated–for you. i hope you can find something that meets at least most of your requirements.

    creative kerfuffle’s last blog post… band of merry commenters

  4. GRRR – that bites. I am one of the few people on the planet that actually loves to move but it has to be on my terms in my own timeframe and not as a result of someone else’s whim. Good luck finding a house.

    del’s last blog post… Alexander and the No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day

  5. IM sorry that really sucks

    Suzie’s last blog post… My Baby is A Genius!

  6. Ow. Tough break.

    I hate moving, so I really feel for you. we moved when I was 8 months pregnant too and I still don’t know where some of my things are and it’s been 2 years.

    Best wishes to you…

    Antoinette Meaterson’s last blog post… Winning stuff is awesome…

  7. Thanks for the post, i enjoyed reading it. blogging is not as easy as many think it is, it’s hardwork. any how thanks.

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